This blog is my playground to experiment and explore what it means to lead with love in business and life. I’ll share where my life, work and play intersect (and hope that inspires you to take imperfect action on your next big idea).

OD’ing on overwhelm (and how to stop that ish NOW!)

I’m so curious! Superwoman Syndrome… have you heard of it? It’s when ambitious women like you (and me included) try to do it all. You have to wear many hats, everything from writing, editing, and formatting newsletters and blog posts, to website design, to fixing technical issues and managing freelancers. You can’t stop thinking about […]

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6 ways I’m staying healthy, sexy & sane

I can’t believe it’s already spring! This is a season of renewal and creative energy. It’s the perfect time to spring clean areas in your life that need a little extra love and attention. For me that’s my health and vitality. All it takes for me is traveling and a couple of speaking gigs to […]

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My big announcement for 2017 💖

  I’d like to share some exciting news with you, and it may surprise you, so keep on reading… Over the past few years (being fueled by green smoothies of course!), so many doors have opened up for me to publish a book with a dear friend, speak on stages around the world, travel to […]

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#BuildYourChallenge: Why a Challenge WORKS.

On August 20th, I spoke all about list building with challenges at Amy Porterfield’s event in San Diego (along with Jen Hansard, James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, and Rick Mulready). So exciting! Now, when we first launched our Simple Green Smoothies website in November 2012, we offered that good ol’ free eBook (Have you tried that too?!) We experienced […]

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#BuildYourChallenge: WHO are you talking to?

Last time I shared how Simple Green Smoothies rocked out Instagram with No Comment Left Behind. Every single comment received a response, we shared consistent, helpful content and built a community of fans who were truly engaged. But there has to be more to it, right? Well there was. It was getting specific with WHO […]

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#BuildYourChallenge: The Singled Out Technique

So if you caught last week’s email, you know that I really struggled to find and connect with my dream tribe. Basically, I didn’t have a tribe, lol! Since the parenting blog turned out to be a total flop, we tried a different strategy with Simple Green Smoothies that resontaed with our audience and grew […]

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