This blog is my playground to test, explore and experiment. I’ll share where my life, work and play intersect (and hope that inspires you to take small baby steps to your dream life too).

Protect Yo Heart

It’s been awhile since we last connected and things have changed a little (or more like a lot). I’m a published author now. Holy wow! Surreal moment to see my face on a book in Barnes & Noble. It’s been a #1 best seller on Amazon since it’s release date too (you can check it […]

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How to unplug at night (a simple experiment)

Can I tell you a secret? I’m totally addicted to my laptop and iPhone. And my husband and daughter know it too. So to help me curb my screen time addiction, and focus on what really matters to me the most–– my family, I’ve experimented with unplugging. It’s a family rule. Here’s what I do […]

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How to make a vision board in 6 easy steps

  Have you created a vision board before? It’s one of those projects you think about and then take a while to get started. My husband and I started our vision board project in August 2011. I was super excited because my husband was on board to sit down with me and play with scissors, […]

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4 videos that will inspire you to dream big

  If you’re lacking motivation or you catch yourself in a focus funk, it’s time to exercise your imagination muscles and “create something that will make the world awesome.” Look for inspiration in nature on a walk, invite a friend to a cafe to get your thoughts out of your head and start talking, or […]

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