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How to increase profits, lower marketing costs, and not burn out

As we prepare for slowing down and unplugging for the holiday season, this is also when exhaustion and money scarcity can creep in, too. You may be asking yourself, “Is it okay for me to NOT work for a few days or weeks? How will my business survive if I’m not working every. single. day.?”

I have a client who has a successful e-commerce business. Her goal was to increase profits, lower marketing costs, and not burnout. When we started working together in March of this year, she said she couldn’t keep working the way she was working and was ready to shut everything down if something didn’t change. 

What I love is she hired me during her “off” season to give herself enough time to get the support she needed when it was “go time” for her company. We had a call recently (our 10th month of working together) and she more than doubled net profit, decreased marketing costs, and worked less in her busiest season. 

She read She Builds and then hired me to guide her to implement the exercises from the book into her business and life, which is exactly what I do inside The Collective with a built-in Support Squad of mentorship, masterminding, and mindset. 

My client is now able to put her laptop away, reconnect to activities that bring her joy, and she is no longer snappy, on edge, or easily irritable. She’s present for work, present for her spouse and fur baby, and present for herself—including making time to go to the sauna a few days a week.

Some things we worked on together to create these results (which are all in my book, by the way):

  • Performed an Energy Audit – page 106
  • Designed her Weekly Workflow Plan – page 111
  • Created a Delegate List to identify where she was the most valuable for the company and outsourced the rest – page 126
  • Assessed Roles & Responsibilities – page 127
  • Wrote Job Descriptions and created a hiring timeline – page 130
  • Reviewed her business with The Retrospective Process – page 196

Some things my client did that don’t seem like a business strategy but definitely are:

  • paid attention to her nervous system
  • identified what types of people and social events gave her energy and drained her energy
  • learned to say no to opportunities and invitations
  • got an office space for focused work time
  • put her laptop away and relaxed each evening by 7:30 pm
  • created boundaries around her busy sales season, so she could have more balance
  • expressed rage and frustration when things didn’t go as planned (it’s okay to feel big feelings) 
  • did nourishing activities on weekends (coffeeshop date with friends, mastermind with other business owners who get her, read books by the pool)

Does anything in this list resonate with you? If you’d like to increase your profits, work less, and experience more joy in your life, commit to building a business The Anti-Hustle Way™.

And if you’d like help with that, I’m your person!  

I work with Creative CEOs and Founders in diverse business industries because it brings me the most joy and removes any cookie-cutter vibes (which blocks creativity and authenticity). 

The type of clients I’m supporting right now are… brick-and-mortar companies, published authors, agency owners, non-profit organizations, e-commerce stores, artists, teachers, food bloggers, bookkeepers, and wealth managers. Diversity of thought and experience increases innovation, which is needed to disrupt the status quo and thrive in this economy.

If you’re a creative CEO who thinks outside the box, and you’re like, “ooooh, Jadah… tell me more!”Click here to learn more and schedule a call with my team.

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