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This weekend I’m working.

This weekend I’m working.

I also told my clients in She Builds Collective it’s okay to work on weekends, too.

That may sound like hustle culture to you, but it’s not.

Let me tell you why.

Embracing an Anti-Hustle Mindset does not mean you don’t work at all. It does not mean you sip on a piña colada cocktail and just kick it on a beach 24/7. 

Anti-Hustle is about being intentional with your time and working in a way that optimizes your purpose + energy + joy. It’s remembering to prioritize what and who really matters.

Sometimes the demands of our work spill into the weekends.⁠ Especially if you’ve taken time off to travel or had to be present to take care of yourself because you were sick or take care of a loved one.

I love weekend working because it means no pings from my team + no new emails + no Zoom calls. It’s when I do mostly creative work like writing a sales page or doing big picture dreaming (in my pajamas!) 

I had a whole focused work week planned. I mapped it all out with my coach the week before, so I could get “caught up.”

Life be life’ing, and my daughter Zoe had her wisdom teeth removed. I was NOT prepared for how much post-surgery care would be needed.  But I also knew taking care of Zoe was my number one priority.

Instead of saying, “I’m so behind. I need to catch up.” I reframed this and said, “I get to do this. I made an intentional trade-off to be physically present for my daughter.”

The more you let yourself know that you are in true choice around how you spend your time, the more ease you’ll experience in your business and life.

And the BEST way to know what really matters is taking the time to dream, reflect, and plan. Want to create your Anti-Huste Visionary Action Plan with me for two days in sunny California? You’ll be working on your business (instead of in it). And yes, it will be a weekend and a write-off (double-check with your CPA tax person). 

Join me for two days with no distractions. No meetings. No emails. Reconnect with yourself, your love for your business, and the community you serve. 

She Builds Planning Workshop

Dates: April 27 – 28, 2024

Time: 10am – 4pm PST

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