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She Builds (Harper Business)

Grow your business, nourish your life & lead with love

Do any of these burnout symptoms sound familiar? Your to-do list is never-ending.  Distractions are draining your productivity. You crave more space to create, but you fear it might hinder your business growth. Indecision about your next steps keeps you up at night, affecting your well-being. If any of these resonate, it’s time to build the anti-hustle way! LIST PRICE $28.99


Simple Green Smoothies

Fuel your passion, gain more energy & feel great in your body

Join over one million people who have said, “kale yeah” to their health. My first book and labor of love, Simple Green Smoothies, co-authored with my friend Jen Hansard has 1,700+ reviews. Inside you’ll find a 10-day Green Smoothie Kick Start and over 100+ tasty recipes that will help you embrace this healthy lifestyle. LIST PRICE $24.99


She Builds™ Day Planner & Journals

Connect to your vision, write down your dreams & reach your goals

Detox from hustle culture. Unleash your next-level vision. Have a dedicated planner and journal to achieve your big mission. Grow your business, plan for the future, and enjoy your life with less stress and more meaningful moments. LIST PRICE $39



What people are saying
about Jadah’s books…


She Builds breaks new ground among entrepreneurship books. It’s a loving permission slip and a practical guide for those who want to build businesses in a sane, service-driven, and wellness-cultivating way.”

Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big

“My family loves all of the innovative and tasty combinations of flavors in Simple Green Smoothies, and I feel good knowing that my family is getting in their greens and other nutrients from the fruits and vegetables!”

DANIELLE WALKER, New York Times bestselling author of Against All Grain

“Brimming with soul, wisdom, and kindness, She Builds challenges the dominance-driven hustle narrative, inviting us, instead, to embrace love as an equally, if not more powerful and effective, guiding ethos in launching and growing a mission-driven business.”

Jonathan Fields, author of Sparked and founder of Good Life Project

“Simple Green Smoothies is my go-to resource when it comes to nutritious green drinks for my family!”

LISA LEAKE, #1 NewYork Times bestselling author of 100 Days of Real Food

“The traditional path to entrepreneurship was not built for women… In She Builds, Sellner creates a new way. One that acknowledges our unique perspectives, life-demands, and, yes, dreams.”

Deepa Purushothaman, cofounder of nFormation and author of The First, the Few, the Only

“Simple Green Smoothies makes adopting healthy habits as easy as flipping a switch. Their easy, delicious-as-all-hell recipes meet you wherever you’re at and taste so good that you’ll forget just how healthy they are.”

MICHELLE AND MATT #1 New York Times bestselling author of Thug Kitchen

“Jadah Sellner knows burnout and exhaustion and how to heal from both through heart- and soul-centered entrepreneurship that’s based around the life you actually want to live, not the one you think you ‘should’ or ‘have to.’ She Builds is your loving handbook.”

Kate Northrup, author of Do Less

Jadah not only teaches you how to pace yourself in business, but her stories and strategies also remind us that it’s possible to build without the hustle and grind. I’ve worked with Jadah several times in the past, and she’s the real deal. There’s no one better to have written this book. It is a must-read.”

Pat Flynn, author of Superfans and host of Smart Passive Income podcast

“In a world that calls women to be and accomplish so much, She Builds is the anti-hustle handbook for entrepreneurs who are ready to lead from love, not fear.

Nicole Walters, founder of Inherit Learning and star of USA TV’s She’s the Boss
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