You deserve to

love your life


embracing reinvention with these 5 steps 

  1. Create an ANTI-HUSTLE VISION that includes spaciousness and joy for your whole life.
  2. Clarify your ENOUGH NUMBER to increase profits without burning out. 
  3. Make a VISIONARY ACTION PLAN that prioritizes what to focus on next.
  4. Have a SUPPORT SQUAD to keep you focused and accountable to your dreams.
  5. Schedule time to REVIEW, REFLECT & REALIGN with your intentions and goals. 

Remember, reinvention is an exploration of learning and growth. It requires patience, but through this path, you can redesign a business that not only sustains but thrives, resonating with your deepest desires.⁠

Ingrid, do you have a good model and mentor to help you gain your energy, time, and money back? 

If you're looking for a calmer way of doing business and life, I can help you.

I support a collective of women leaders who are courageously recalibrating their paths, reevaluating businesses, and redefining success. They're finding harmony, rekindling their passions, and building businesses that truly align with their dreams.⁠

If you’re interested in having guided support to help unlock your next level, I invite you to apply for the next cohort of She Builds Collective (we have 3 more spots available that we'll accept before we unplug for the holidays).

I believe that together we can stop burnout and reclaim our lives. We just need the space to breathe, think, and dream about what’s possible. ⁠

Wishing you clarity, passion, and sustainable growth in your creative venture.

Warm hugs

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