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Welcome to my NOW page.


A “now page” is where I share what I’m currently focusing on. This page was inspired by + Take a moment to think about what matters most to you and create a “now page” too. *Updated: April 17, 2024


I have a new creative studio and office space in California. Meet me in the San Francisco Bay Area for lots of in-person events. Next one: Anti-Hustle Planning Workshop on April 27th & 28th.


I support a handful of founders through my  advisory programs. I’m accepting applications for She Builds Collective which includes business coaching, masterminds and retreats.



I’m speaking in Las Vegas on May 22nd to talk about building an Anti-Hustle Business Model at the Femmefluence Forum with Jennifer Kem. Want me to be a guest at your event? Book me to speak.


Places I’ve been: London, Paris, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, China, Bali, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Iceland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Prague, Munich, Montréal, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm. Up next: Big Island!


Lots of episodes on the book writing process on the Lead with Love® podcast. Listen to “Surprising Book Publishing Insights from my Literary Agent,” a conversation with David Fugate and “How to Write a Must-Read That Changes Lives” with AJ Harper.

These are my priorities. I have to lovingly say NO to everything else 
( Unless Oprah Calls )

Here are 3 ways to…
create, build & lead with love

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