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Is your planning system REALLY working?

I just returned from my Annual Planning Retreat with my family. We spent 3 nights away resting, celebrating + reflecting on 2023, and planning for this year. 

And what a difference a PLAN makes!

January felt like the world was ushering me back into life so quickly. My calendar was full. And it seemed like every part of my life needed all of my attention. Can you relate?

I was looking forward to February, so I could slow down, have some space, and be still. But I still felt a bit off even though my calendar felt more spacious. It’s because even though I coached my clients through my signature planning system, I hadn’t done it for myself yet.  

And that’s by design. I don’t like to rush into new year plans. There’s a rest + reset button that happens after the holidays, especially when you have a family, or are caregiving for others, or taking care of your own health. Issalot! 

Once I took the time for myself to celebrate, reflect, and plan with my husband, I felt clear, focused, and inspired. I have clarity on my next steps, and I know what opportunities to say, “yes” and “no” to. 

My question for you: Is your planning system really working, K?  

Let’s check.

If your to-do list keeps growing and growing and you’re left wondering, even with all the effort, if you’re actually getting anywhere or working on the right thing…

If you have a bunch of creative ideas, but aren’t sure how to market them and get them in front of the right people…

If you feel like you’re pushing, pushing and pushing and progress is super slow or feels nonexistent…

Then, you’re planning system needs work. A lot of work. And if you don’t take control now, you’ll end up on that dang hamster wheel AGAIN, putting in a ton of effort and no movement.

Let me teach you my planning system that I use in my own business and my life. It’s my signature system that has given me REAL results, as well as, my private clients and women in The Collective. We’re talking multiple six-figure book deals, adding new revenue streams with ease, taking two-month sabbaticals, booking dream vacations, selling companies, being present for family.

Dates: April 27 – 28, 2024

Time: 10am – 4pm PST

During the workshop you’ll…

  • Carve out time and space to dream and plan for your business, instead of working in the weeds of your business.
  • Find a home for all your ideas and get clear on which ones to invest in right now and which ones to toss or table.
  • Have a proven system in place to assess what’s working, what’s not working, and how to make better decisions moving forward.

It’s much better than what you’ve got going on, right?

You’ll walk away with an actionable plan to move closer to your 2024 goals, all in just two days.

Don’t miss out on my next in-person event. It will be an intimate experience at my creative studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. There’s magic that happens in this space. Sign up now to get the best deal. Early bird pricing ends in 5 days, so secure your spot now.

Warm hugs,

“Jadah is able to peel away what may be holding us back from our own success with her exercises, the space she is able to hold, and also the group of woman she attracts. The exercises and then the hot seat moments with others in the group bring great clarity.”

Kebby McInroy, Founder, Studio4Art & Marin Pottery
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