Are you ready to change the world, grow a community & lead a business with love? When we choose Love Over Metrics™, we can truly serve & make a difference in the lives we touch!

Despite the story you may be telling yourself, you're ready to stand in the light and contribute to a cause bigger than yourself. You're ready to build a tribe and reach a global community through books, speaking on stages, and teaching what you know to inspire action. You have something to say – a message to share. There's a quiet story brewing in your heart. That's your soul's work calling you to stand up for your dreams!

I know what it's like to have a dream and then take imperfect action (with a few speed bumps along the way) to make it happen. I'm a published author, entrepreneur, poet, wife, mama, dreamer and international keynote speaker. In 2009, my husband and I started and owned our first brick and mortar business, a play and learning center for kids, called Little Sprouts Playhouse in Kauai. In 2012, my friend Jen Hansard and I built an online business, Simple Green Smoothies, and we empowered over one million people to say yes to their health. Today, I'm on a mission to inspire more world-changing leaders to build businesses that not only make a profit, but also make a difference.

When you join my tribe, you will learn how to: 1. Build a community with love  2. Take imperfect action with intention, strategy and heart 3. Receive support through guided mentorship and group masterminds. If you're ready to take your dreams and your business to the next level, join a tribe of world-changersThe dreams you say out loud and the people you share them with… matter.

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1 // Say your dreams out loud

2 // Take imperfect action

3 // Let go

A manifesto for artists, dreamers, entrepreneurs and world-changers…

  • Dream out loud.
  • Use your greatest gifts to serve.
  • Enjoy the process more than the destination.
  • Make business your art.
  • Take imperfect action.
  • Look at failure as feedback.
  • Surprise & delight your tribe.
  • Let fear come along for the ride, but remember fear is not the driver –– love is.

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