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What is Kurdanza?

Kurandza means “to love”

Kurandza is a female founded, non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women and girls in Mozambique. Through education, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development programs, women and girls learn to become leaders in their villages, sharing their skills and knowledge with the rest of their community, and creating opportunity for thousands of people.

When you give a girl education, you change her life.

Did you know that 132 million girls around the world can’t go to school?

I decided to help change that by partnering with Kurandza, as a member of their Giveback Collective. The CEO and founder of Kurandza, Elisabetta Colabianchi, is a past client and friend of mine. I’ve been supporting Kurandza’s mission and vision for since 2017.



Kurandza's Giveback Collective


Kurandza is investing in the future of girls in rural Mozambique by providing holistic educational programs for them. I truly believe that when you give a girl an education, you help her dream for the future. That’s why I’m so excited to do my part in helping make schooling more accessible for girls around the world! 🌎

Each month, I donate a portion of my business revenue to Kurandza to help sustain their mission. It feels incredible knowing that I’m serving a higher purpose through my work. When you join me as a client, you’ll be helping contribute to something much bigger than yourself. 💖




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