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Living Life and Doing Business on HER Terms with Nikki Elledge Brown

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Are you someone who thinks out loud and needs someone to bounce ideas with? If you want a behind the scenes peek on how I do that with my own business BFF, where we cover book writing, mindset, fear, and friendship, then this episode is for you. You’ll also learn what it means to live life and do business on your terms. 

In this episode of the Lead with Love podcast, you’ll get to hear a fun conversation with one of my closest friends Nikki Elledge Brown. 

Nikki is a mom of three known online for her practical teaching style and refreshingly honest reflections on the realities of parenthood and entrepreneurship. She's a speaker, teacher, author, and mentor who quickly built a name (+ highly profitable business) for herself by helping service-based business owners communicate with clarity and confidence through her first online program, A Course About Copy®.

Nikki's been featured on NBC News, military.com, and a reality TV episode on Discovery Channel that led to a surprise cameo on Orange is the New Black. She's also known as the online park ranger at Pearl Harbor, welcoming millions of visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial since 2010.

Nikki launched the Naptime Empires® podcast (soon to be book!) to help family-focused entrepreneurs feel less alone in the journey. Her mission is to help high-achieving women avoid burnout so they can lead for the long haul and ENJOY the success. For more tips and inspiration follow Nikki on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown, nikkielledgebrown.com and via her podcast at naptimeempires.com

 “We’re only going to rise to the level that we’re willing to embrace criticism from total strangers, and people we love but also disagree with.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • How Nikki defines “verbal processing” and why it’s so important to have someone that you can do this with [1:46]
  • What’s new and exciting for her in this season of life [3:29]
  • Some of the major hesitations that Nikki is having with going the traditional book deal route [9:02]
  • How Nikki is now balancing writing a book along with life and being the mother of three (including a toddler at home) [11:58]
  • My advice for Nikki on ramping up her energy to focus on writing the book, from my own experience with it [16:50]
  • Communicating expectations with family and how to maintain stamina when writing a book [17:51]
  • Reflections of our “sQuad trips”and what we’ve been able to build together over the years of friendship [25:42]
  • Our relationships with the Internet and social media (including Elizabeth Gilbert’s perspective), and how we both view re-emergence and visibility as we head into a new year [33:10]

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Key Quotes:

  • “I am actually just ready to step forward into a new business model that really fits and suits the lifestyle that I am pretty clear on, at least for this next season.” [Nikki, 6:48]
  • “I was just trying to protect myself from rejection if I wasn’t able to get a traditional book deal.” [Nikki, 10:42]
  • “We both know in our hearts, minds, bodies, investments, and business strategies that writing books and sharing our message with lots and lots of people is part of who we were put here to be.” [Nikki, 34:24]
  • “I’ve got to get comfortable with that. If I want to share my message with more people, we’re only going to rise to the level that we’re willing to embrace criticism from total strangers, and even people that we know, and love, and care about, but also disagree with. We’re limited based on what we’re willing to accept in that way.” [Nikki, 38:44]
  • “[With people on the Internet] instead of saying the public eye, consider it the human family.” [Nikki, 39:49]
  • “One of the terms that we have talked about behind the scenes a lot is inside-out processing. If there is something big, I am going to talk to you and my inner circle first before I am sharing it [with others].” [Nikki, 45:06]

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