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How Faith Brings the Results You Desire

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In this episode of the Lead with Love podcast, I get cozy with my friend Rachel Luna.

In this conversation, we talk about our books, taking confident action, and giving ourselves the permission to offend in pursuit of our truth, freedom, and going after our dreams.

We also cover what it means to care for our bodies, move through grief, and how to balance healing, motherhood and business.

Rachel is an international speaker, Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach to 7 + 8-figure earning entrepreneurs and host of the popular podcast, Permission to Offend which has listeners in over 90 countries around the world.

Rachel is a former U.S. Marine, so she’s fierce and compassionate and will call you out and in to make true transformation in your life. And she was named by Forbes as one of “The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.”

Rachel guides people on how to manifest their desires in just 5 minutes a day through her Faith Activated Journaling Experience and hosts a live event called Confidence Activated.

 “Some people are offended that you even have the nerve to have a dream. Your dreams are offensive to people, so I’m in pursuit of truth and freedom, always”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • The role that having an accountability partner can have as your pursue your big dream [2:24]
  • The latest updates on both of our books [5:39]
  • What “Leading with Love” means to Rachel and how she incorporates this concept into her business right now [12:10]
  • How to empower your team as an act of “love” and why micromanaging hinders motivated teams [17:32]
  • A look at Rachel’s journaling practice to cultivate a relationship with herself, and her perspective on self-love [21:25]
  • How to start journaling as a powerful tool to clarify what you really want in life and business [30:49]
  • Why it’s so important to release your expectations of what you think you journaling practice should look like [32:20]
  • How Rachel ran her business as a mother, all while healing as a cancer survivor [34:53]
  • The reasons that you must be willing to offend if you too are in pursuit of your own truth and freedom [43:05]

Resources + links mentioned:

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» Faith Activated Journaling Experience

» Connect with Rachel on Instagram

» Permission to Offend Podcast

» Permission to Offend: [Faith] Faith During Adversity

» Permission to Offend: [Faith] The Journey to Confidence Activated 2021


Key Quotes:

  • “As a leader you do need to empower your team, that is an act of love. Me micromanaging [my team] is not loving. It’s actually hindering and it’s hurting everybody.” [17:32]
  • “I love journaling because for me it is a form of intimacy with myself. It is a way to cultivate an intimate relationship with myself.” [21:54]
  • “[With The Faith Activated Program] you have that community, so that you’re not doing it alone. If we have someone to do it with you, it’s not as scary as if you’re in this room by yourself.” [32:09]
  • “Release your expectation of what you think your journaling process should and should not be or should or should not look like. It’s different for everybody, so you have to give yourself that permission to cultivate your own experience.” [32:22]
  • “Some people are offended by the fact that you even have the nerve to have a dream. Your dreams are offensive to people, so I’m in pursuit of truth and freedom, always.” [44:29]

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