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Welcome to the Lead With Love Podcast!

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I’m so happy you’re here. And guess what? The podcast is finally here too!

In this short ‘n sweet intro episode of the Lead with Love podcast, I invite you into my world. I’ll share why I created this podcast, and what I feel is the real differentiator in business.

If you have a desire to use your gifts, I’ll share how you can make a difference in this world – and how this podcast will help you do that.

You’ll also hear more about who I am, what’s my mission, and how Lead With Love is part of my long-term vision.

“I believe selling is service, and I’m in the business of transformation.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • A simple (and inspiring!) model for what it means to create human connection in an on-demand lifestyle [1:40]
  • What my name means and why I now embrace it so much [4:10]
  • Instead of being perfect all the time, we just have to do this [8:04]
  • And much more!

Resources + links mentioned:

» Nikki Elledge Brown, creator of the Naptime Empires podcast

» Build Your Challenge – how to grow your online community + email list

»“How Did I Get Here?” Jadah's Personal Story with Nikki Elledge Brown – Episode 101

» “Loving the Process, Not the Product” with Jonathan Fields – Episode 102

Key Quotes:

  • “I believe selling is service, and I’m in the business of transformation.” [3:45]
  • “We don’t have to get it right, we just have to shine our light.” [8:04]

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