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It’s Not Just Your Business, It’s Your Life

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Have you ever been at a crossroads in your business where you wondered, should I stick it out or is it time to move on? Maybe you’re in that place right now and you’re afraid to share it with anyone because they might see you as a failure.

And in those seasons, you have to ask yourself, “what do I ultimately want from my life?” That’s exactly what we’ll explore today––what it looks like to get still, step back, and get honest with yourself, so you can create something that 100% feels aligned with your soul.

Today I’m talking with Carol Gavhane, Chief Sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, an award-winning subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs that has included books delivered to your doorstep from New York Times Bestselling authors such as Jen Sincero, Shonda Rhimes, and Jenna Kutcher.

Carol was an early Beta Reader for She Builds, and She Builds is being featured in Sparkle Hustle Grow’s January 2023 box. The theme, “Build It Your Way,” is perfect to kick off the New Year and carve out time and space to think, dream, and clarify your next-level vision.

You can learn more and subscribe to Carol’s award-winning boxes at sparklehustlegrow.com. Use the code JADAH for 50% off your first month of a new subscription, available through 1/31/2023.

“I want people to really know that you can build the life that you want your way”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • What I was specifically looking for in beta readers and the headspace that Carol was in before reading the early draft of She Builds [2:50]
  • An eye-opening realization she made about where her energy was going and how she knew that a shift was needed [23:13]
  • The way that Carol’s very personal experiences led her to another business that gives others hope and strength [26:15]
  • How the perspective she approached this new business with different from that of her first business [30:59]
  • The role that She Builds played in aiding her with the discussions she was having with her husband around that time [32:21]
  • The specific practices from She Builds that Carol has implemented include a Weekly Workflow Plan and how this has helped her as she builds a new business [39:06]
  • Which specific stories and lessons from She Builds impacted her the most after reading them [27:00]
  • How Carol’s favorite stories from the book have showed her that success is different for everyone [29:00]
  • How to get your own Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box, and a look at what to expect in each one [33:22]
  • The way that Carol would describe She Builds to her friends [36:17]
  • What your “Enough Number” is all about and how you can apply it to your own life and version of success [46:51]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Subscribe to Get Your Own Sparkle Hustle Grow Box! Use the code JADAH for 50% off your first month of a new subscription, available through 1/31/2023.

» Sparkle Hustle Grow on Instagram

» She Builds on Audible

» Jadah on MarieTV

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» The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

» Jadah’s IG Post about Michelle Obama is just like us (but isn’t) 

» Tracee Ellis Ross & Meredith Koop 

» Back to Back (San Francisco)

» My new book, She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life

Key Quotes:

  • “[I] read your beta version and honestly applied some of what you had written to my own life and where I was at that time with that business. Lo and behold, fast forward several months later, and I have a new business, and I am so pumped to say that your book is going to be in my subscription box for the month of January.” [18:38]
  • “I made a list, and it was like so many things were in the depleting bucket [of the energy audit]. For me, that was such a huge sign that something had to shift, but I didn’t know what that was.” [23:31]
  • “It took looking within and being still and perfectly honest with myself, and then having discussions with my husband, to say, ‘this isn’t working for us and something has to shift’, and I felt like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.” [30:59]
  • “You have to continue to kind of, in your authentic way, talk about [your business] and make sure that everyone knows the scoop of what’s going in the box and who’s going to be featured. That’s kind of an immediate second thing we’re doing that’s very different from how we approached our first business.” [38:23]
  • “I want people to really know that you can build the life that you want your way. It doesn’t have to be what that person on Instagram is building, or that unicorn business that got valued at over a billion dollars is doing, [but] what is true for you?” [39:31]
  • “Yes, it’s so busy because we’re still in some ways getting up to speed and learning really the ins and the outs and all of it [with the new business], but I want to keep at least one day a week sacred for what my dreams are, where I want to go and who are the amazing guest experts, like yourself, that I want to bring in.” [40:21]
  • “It was just such a solidifying moment of ‘oh, isn’t that what life is about?’ You build something sustainable for you, but it has to speak to you, and success is different for everyone.” [45:45]
  • “You have to know thyself. Know thyself, come back to who you are and then do the things that work for you and your business because it’s not just your business; it’s your life.” [46:04]

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