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Balancing Your Big Energy into Focused Action

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Do you have that rock solid someone who supports you through hard emotional decisions or when you’re putting big meaningful work out into the world? In this episode of the Lead with Love podcast, you’ll learn one of my secret weapons for birthing big ideas without exhaustion, overwhelm or burnout.

In this conversation, I get cozy with my dear friend and personal life coach of over 5 years Rebecca McLoughlin.

Rebecca helps ambitious women hone and balance their “big energy” into focused action and feminine flow. As a Certified Life Coach with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Rebecca is able to support clients in doing the deep inner work needed to gain insight and free themselves from patterns of procrastination, self sabotage and burn out.

Rebecca’s been in my corner both personally and professionally for over 5 years. She was a big catalyst of support in 2016 when I was exiting my company Simple Green Smoothies. She’s helped me move forward with numerous big ideas, including my published book coming out in 2022.

In this episode, we talk about the behind the scenes process of how Rebecca has supported me in bringing my book forward as I bring it to the finish line.

“Big energy women need a unique flow in their life and in their businesses.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • What “big energy” means to Rebecca and how that translates into business practices [4:07]
  • The ways that she was able to help me change directions when it came to the workflow for writing my latest book [8:12]
  • Tips for fighting resistance you may be facing on your project, and how to break the cycle of guilt [10:51]
  • Rebecca’s thoughts on tending to your life and checking in with yourself to develop a plan that fosters improvement in all areas of your life [18:00]
  • The power of a solo retreat and the necessary time with yourself to combat overwhelm [21:19]
  • When to show up for your deadline, and when it’s ok to allow it to expand [30:56]
  • How to approach working though the unexpected events that happen in life [35:11]

Resources + links mentioned:

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» Connect with Rebecca on Facebook and Instagram

» Lead with Love #154: Unhooking self worth from success with Rebecca McLoughlin

Key Quotes:

  • “I find that big energy women need a unique flow in their life and in their businesses.” [5:05]
  • “One of the most effective ways to clear shame is to speak your truth to someone and be witnessed.” [13:25]
  • “Having a ritual where you really name and contain an intentional energy around a specific period of time, to be with it in a really intimate way, is a powerful thing to do in life.” [21:40]
  • “I think the baseline is being honest, telling the truth, and then trusting yourself and also being brave to ask for what you need.” [35:00]
  • “Life is going to happen, and it is going to carve us when it is our time. It doesn’t not carve anyone. You are not immune to any of the things, like loss, trauma, headache, injury or illness.” [41:52]

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