You deserve to

love your life


She Builds is OUT in the wild today! 💃🏽

It’s time to celebrate.

You’ve been following me on this journey and now my new book, She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide To Grow Your Business And Nourish Your Life, is here.

And if you pre-ordered your copy, you can start listening right now on Audible or a physical copy should be on your doorstep really soon. Yay!

This book is for entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionary leaders who want to build a sustainable business while still having time to enjoy their life.

If we want to move away from F.E.A.R. to building with L.O.V.E., we have to hold our intentions lightly, loosen our grip on our goals, recalibrate after disappointing detours, take rest stops, and enjoy the journey.

Join the anti-hustle movement and grab your copy of She Builds wherever you buy your books.

Once you have a copy, tag me @jadahsellner + #shebuildsbook, send me a DM, or text me a love note. I’m receiving ALL. THE. LOVE. And I’m beyond thankful for you being in my world.

Also, if you’d like to join me in the celebration and be surrounded by a community that is ready to detox from hustle culture, here are three fun ways you can do that:

The Hivery Event + She Builds Book Launch | November 15th

An IRL Conversation with Grace Kraaijvanger and me at Club Evexia in Mill Valley, California at 6:30pm (tonight!). There will be soulful conversations, cocktails, light bites and a signed copy of my book.

She Builds Global Book Launch | November 18th

A cozy online conversation from the comfort of your home with me and my best friend, Nikki Elledge Brown. We'll have behind-the-scenes conversations, tips, and insights on the journey to building a business the anti-hustle way. Replay available.

Registration: Purchase at least one hardcover/digital/audio copy of She Builds and claim the bonus here:

The Club + She Builds Book Launch | December 1st

A community gathering with Heather Anderson and me in Walnut Creek, California. You'll have an opportunity to ask me questions and connect with other entrepreneurs in a woman-owned business space. Register here.

To building with love (and a whole lotta warm hugs),

P.S. Order She Builds wherever you buy books and leave an honest review (this act alone is the most meaningful thing you can do to support me right now).

P.P.S. You are worthy. You are loveable. You are enough.

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