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Jadah’s Future Vision (recorded 5/4/17)

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I want to feel confident, present, energized, playful, flow, rested, relaxed, ease, excited, connected, joyful, engaged.

I am excited to be playing in the arena as published author, speaker, thought leader.

I am leading the love over metrics movement measuring our work and service in the world through love.

I am invited and powerfully plus gracefully speaking on these stages, Oprah's Soul Sessions, Emerging Women, Awesomeness Fest Summit, Creative Live and an 18-minute TED talk.

I have a global book club where people are gathering and have soulful conversations about service, impact, and love. 

I also have educational platforms and courses, Build Your Challenge, Love Over Metrics, Dream Out Loud Visioning Course, plus a global online training community, The Mentorship Lab, an incubator for ideas, business foundations, and social impact. There is a printed journal for vision and planning.

I am also leading powerful retreats for inspiring visionary leaders.

They will get to unplug from their day-to-day and have time to think, connect with others and strategize and plan their next steps in their world-changing ventures. The locations will be beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing. It is a year-long sacred container with quarterly resets and planning sessions.

I am getting my message out to millions with my Love Over Metrics Podcast, a mix of teaching, plus highlighting companies' love points, and exceptional customer service and care. Along with thoughtful conversations and interviews with companies and leaders disrupting the status quo. We do business differently. We do it with love.

I am also capturing our family life world travels and entrepreneurial pursuits with our weekly vlog that George Brian and I will collaborate on. I have an amazing supportive right-hand woman who lovingly keeps my dreams plus ideas in check and in action. We meet face-to-face quarterly to plan our projects with focus and intention. She has paid exceptionally well and is super loyal.

Within my business model and retreats, our money, resources, and time give back to empowering youth and entrepreneurship. We also fund schools in the States and in places like Africa, where my own family is using their own hands to help build. We are excited to support World Teacher Aid with Stu and his family and go on a safari adventure.

My community is connected to the message and the movement.

My list is 100,000 plus, loyal, happy, respected, and engaged readers. They're excited to spread the word organically and authentically. I find ways to create love points and how I connect through email, love letters, Livestream videos, and live events. I love that I have a global online community where I can run most of my business online with a few intentional and optional in-person retreats, workshops, and mastermind meetups. This time freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world allows us to take two 6-12 week workcations in really cool places like Bali, Paris, Barcelona, and New York City.

As a family, we also play hard. We unplug on our own personal travel playcations.

We immerse and explore people, places, and food. We delight in sharing this experience and adventure together as a family. We have visited every Disney theme park in the world. Los Angeles, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We've also spent time in Bali, Brazil, and other parts of South America, India, and Africa.

We also continue to have fun, shorter trips with friends. Our friends feel like family, and we visit places to connect and play like Santa Barbara, Lake Tahoe, camping, and Hawaii. We feel super grounded and connected to our local community, finding ways to play and celebrate life, with date nights, dinners together, poker nights, board game nights, and book clubs.

My business is extremely profitable and playful, generating over $1 million a year. I do launches that have created security in the business and allow us to pay for cars in full as well as put at least half a million dollars on our dream home.

Our dream home is built for entertaining with beautiful views. We have fireplaces inside and outside, a swimming pool and hot tub, grand piano, and an outdoor office studio for recording music albums podcasts, and vlog episodes; a place to test and play and be creative. We have a meal prep chef creating healthy plant-based meals for our family.

We know how to make our money work for us as we are on our way to having $5 million net worth. We have condos as investment properties that are easy to manage. Even with real estate, a thriving business, travel is still a part of our values as well as going after and supporting each other's dreams.

We travel individually with friends too. I continue to have my girls' trips with women I mastermind with, I also take Zoe on mother-daughter trips, and I do mother-daughter trips with my mommy too. We go to places like France for a French cooking school experience, hiking and camping on the California coast, like the Big Sur and the Sierras in Lake Tahoe.

I am deepening into motherhood, fully present and engaged.

We have weekly date days and nights. Zoe and I journal together and work on creative projects. Our relationship is super close. I am also closer with Brian. We have wild and romantic sex. We play and explore and have fun dates and experiences together. We even go on fun vacations just the two of us and with other couples too. As a family, we are super tight and playful. We unplug together on weekday evenings. We do fun beach days, theme parks, festivals, reading in the park, and fun hikes.

I have a deep relationship with myself and my body. I'm always listening to my body asking what does my body want? What does my body need? I feel strong, confident, and energized. I have the energy to play with my family. I have the energy to join classes, and sports teams that allow me to play and connect with others. I take care of my mind and soul through consistent morning rituals, time to journal, express gratitude, focus on what's important for my day, affirmations, meditation, visualization, and reading.

I continue to deepen my self-awareness and be so comfortable and compassionate with myself.

I nurture my body with massages, acupuncture, manicures, and pedicures. I move my body through daily dance parties at home, dance classes, improv classes, yoga, walking talks, outdoor hikes, bootcamp with friends, and cycling all to really bumping motivating, inspiring music that moves me. I fill my body with food that nourishes me and energizes me. I choose to feel good. I'm surrounded by environments that inspire me in work, and at home.

My schedule is spacious and intentional. Who I am and the world is thoughtful, creative, nurturing, strong, expressive, inspiring, world-changing, rich in mind and friendships and relationships and body in home in work. My contribution, my gifts, my light I bring to the world matter. I make the world a better place. I am loved. I am worthy.

Warm hugs,

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