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Hustle culture

isn’t working

If you’ve ever…

» had too many things to do and not enough time to do them

»  lost focus of your priorities

»  questioned your lack of motivation or drive

»  believed that if you slow down, your business would fail and the life you have worked so hard to create would crumble…

You're Not Alone.

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business coach, I know what it’s like to be burned out, in debt, and just barely holding on to a business. In the process of launching and building multiple companies, I realized today’s aggressive 24/7 hustle culture wasn’t working for me––or for my clients. 

In She Builds, I share a new entrepreneurial model for women, centered around sustainable leadership—a practical framework you can use to create a business on your own terms, prioritize your wellbeing, and break free from the toxic culture that leads to burnout and overwhelm.




What leaders are saying
about She Builds…

“Jadah Sellner knows burnout and exhaustion and how to heal from both through heart- and soul-centered entrepreneurship that’s based around the life you actually want to live, not the one you think you ‘should’ or ‘have to.’ She Builds is your loving handbook.”

Kate Northrup, author of Do Less

“In a world that calls women to be and accomplish so much, She Builds is the anti-hustle handbook for entrepreneurs who are ready to lead from love, not fear.

Nicole Walters, founder of Inherit Learning and star of USA TV’s She’s the Boss

Jadah not only teaches you how to pace yourself in business, but her stories and strategies also remind us that it’s possible to build without the hustle and grind. I’ve worked with Jadah several times in the past, and she’s the real deal. There’s no one better to have written this book. It is a must-read.”

Pat Flynn, author of Superfans and host of Smart Passive Income podcast

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She Builds rests on four essential principles of L.O.V.E.


Define “enough” and surround yourself with the support you need to build a business that lasts.


Learn tangible strategies for focusing on what matters to help you and your business thrive.


Create a clear yet flexible 12-month roadmap that turns your dreams into reality.


Develop a solid foundation for growth and longevity without losing yourself in the process.

Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Jadah (rhymes with Prada). I’m a business coach, international keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, poet, and host of the Lead with Love® podcast. I’m the author of She Builds and coauthor of Simple Green Smoothies where over one million people have embraced this simple and healthy habit.

As the founder of Jadah Sellner Media, Inc. and She Builds Collective, I help women build their businesses and their lives in a way that works for them—with love. I have been featured in ForbesO, The Oprah Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Learn more at or follow me on social media at @jadahsellner

When I’m not speaking on stage, you can catch me dancing to Beyoncé in my living room or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. I live in the San Francisco bay area with my husband, daughter, and dog Beesly.


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Annual Retreat Guide: Get access to my personal schedule of how my husband and I review and reflect each year. I identify which exercises to follow from the book, so you can follow along. Invite a partner, friend, or business bestie to join you, too! ($195 value)



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Quarterly Planning Workshop: Watch a replay of me teaching the Quarterly Planning Method live from chapter 8 in the book.  If you follow this step-by-step process, you’ll be able to prioritize what you want to focus on for the next 12 months with more clarity and energy. ($295 value)


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She builds differently
She builds with love

Join the anti-hustle movement

“The traditional path to entrepreneurship was not built for women… In She Builds, Sellner creates a new way. One that acknowledges our unique perspectives, life-demands, and, yes, dreams.”

Deepa Purushothaman, cofounder of nFormation and author of The First, the Few, the Only

“It’s possible to create a business that works for you and allows you to live the life you want. In She Builds, Jadah Sellner teaches you how to do just that.”

Steve Chou, entrepreneur and founder of

“Brimming with soul, wisdom, and kindness, She Builds challenges the dominance-driven hustle narrative, inviting us, instead, to embrace love as an equally, if not more powerful and effective, guiding ethos in launching and growing a mission-driven business.”

Jonathan Fields, author of Sparked and founder of Good Life Project

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What women are saying
about She Builds…

“As a woman of color, Jadah Sellner lays the foundation for building a profitable, sustainable business without burnout and overwhelm. She Builds reminds us to prioritize our well-being and joy.”

Minda Harts, author of The Memo

She Builds breaks new ground among entrepreneurship books. It’s a loving permission slip and a practical guide for those who want to build businesses in a sane, service-driven, and wellness-cultivating way.”

Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big

She Builds is an insightful, page-turning guide with valuable tools on how to build a strong foundation without burning out. Jadah helps you reduce overwhelm and feel more joy in your business again.

My Nguyen, creator of @Myhealthydish

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Available 11.15.22


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