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[Lovely Things] Book update, our new puppy (pics inside), and slowing down 🐾

How’s your heart right now?

I find myself sitting between the inhale and exhale.

In the uncertainty,
in the re-emergence,
in the speed of life reawakening.

I’ve found myself taking more moments to connect to my breath, to fill my belly up, to expand my chest. Amidst the noise and chaos…can you connect to your breath right now and slow it down? Bring yourself back to center, back to calm, back to peace.

Give yourself permission to pause even for just one moment.

I’ve been deep in the weeds of my next book. I’m on the second draft and I currently have 27,849 words written. The current chapter I’m working on has been kicking my a$$. I’ve had to restructure the chapter, update the outline, find new stories, step away from the screen, mind map, and talk it out loud with my friends.

I like to update each chapter with the word count in the title.

The chapter I'm writing is about allowing yourself to be supported. I’ve received divine breadcrumbs at just the right time. Most of my client calls this past month have been about their teams. We've explored how they can let go even more, so they can have more time to focus on the bigger picture.

I’m excited to take a pause from writing my book today, so I can share my Lovely Things list. This is where I share what’s bringing me joy right now.

Here is your list of Lovely Things ♥

listen 🎧

What songs I’m listening to on repeat… “Don’t Start Now” by Penny & Sparrow (a slow acoustic cover of Dua Lipa’s song), Slow Down by Dame (sensual feel good vibes), “Femme Like You” by Monaldin + Emma Peters (a little Parisian dance party).

read 📖

I just finished reading Long Story Short by Margot Leitman. I loved the prompts she shared on how to reveal vulnerable moments from your everyday life –– like this prompt: Write down 10 quirks about yourself. Are there stories that explain these quirks?

I’m currently reading Of Gold & Dust, an entrepreneurial memoir by Australian jewelry designer Samantha Wills and Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz which is about creating systems in your business, so you can take a four-week vacation. (I interviewed Mike on my podcast on how to protect the queen bee in your business).

Watch 📺

My family and I became obsessed with watching Schitt’s Creek. I’m actually wearing a Rose Apothecary shirt as I write this. Confession: I tried to watch the show by myself a few years ago, and I couldn’t finish the first episode. But friends kept saying you have to watch a few episodes to get into it. I’m soooooooo happy I listened.

The character development is so beautiful and the LGBTQ+ storytelling is heartwarming.

We also watched Bo Burnham’s special called “Inside” on Netflix. This is an innovative, deep, and dark comedy exploration of what it was like to be creative and on lockdown during quarantine. The songs are super catchy, funny, and true!

Buy 🛍

Here’s the Rose Apothecary Shirt I purchased on Etsy.

We also just bought a condo in our favorite downtown neighborhood! I can’t believe how fast it happened –– we closed escrow in 21 days.

Laugh 😂

Things that made me laugh as we bought our new place and moved…

This Zillow skit on SNL featuring Dan Levy. Also, we thought about asking friends to help us move, then this meme came at the right time. Ha!

Resource 📝

We lived in our last place for nine years, so there was a lot I wanted to declutter and donate. I joined my local “Buy Nothing” group, and I was able to gift many items. It’s a great way to pay it forward, avoid things ending up in a landfill, and meeting neighbors. Find your local group at

Connect 👯 

I miss leading my Vision Retreats in person. But I’m so thankful for the founders who hop on to the live Quarterly Planning Sessions I lead every three months. I invite my private clients to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities for just two hours and dream, strategize and prioritize what matters most in their businesses. It’s a really clarifying process. 

My team and I are definitely planning retreats for 2022. I may even host one by the end of this year if there’s enough interest and we can do it safely. Hop on the waitlist here

Smile 😊 

We welcomed a new puppy into our home. Meet Beesly! 🐾 

Her name was inspired by Pam Beesly from The Office which we watched all seasons as a family last year. We name all of our pets after characters from movies and shows we like. 

She’s currently six months old and a mix of Chihuahua, Scottish Terrier, Dachshund, and Greyhound. They think she’ll be no bigger than 10 pounds of love. 

Travel ✈️ 

I went to a major airport for the first time this summer. We had a sQuad reunion in Houston where Jen, Nicole and I surprised our friend Nikki to meet her sweet newborn baby girl. We had a wild adventure with airbnb, and we ended up staying in this luxe hotel. The spa was so nice that Jen and I hung out there for over six hours! 

Wins ✨

Celebrating some of my inspiring clients I’m working with this year…

Heidi Kate, the founder of Brilliant Births, just signed her lease for a new space in the San Franciso Bay Area. She’s been running her doula business online for five years with three kids under the age of 5. Heidi knew it was time to expand and build face-to-face community for her clients. 

Martha Shaughnessy, the founder of The Key PR, closed their office with 20 employees on Juneteenth. It’s one small step they’re taking to recognize the national holiday and address systemic racism. 

Meggan Hill, the founder of Culinary Hill, just signed her lease for an in person Test Kitchen that her and her team can gather to develop recipes. This space was a part of her three year vision when we first started working together four years ago. I love seeing big ideas become a reality. 

I have a huge heart for brick and mortar business owners because it was my first entrepreneurial venture during an economic recession. 


If this list of “Lovely Things” brought you joy, feel free to share it with a friend. Now go unplug, dance, build something meaningful and make time for what matters most!

P.S. I have one VIP day at my office in California and two 1:1 client spots available. If you’re a founder and you’re looking to create a solid plan for the next 12 months to grow your business, visit my mentorship page to explore how we can work together.

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