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The Vision Retreat



Dear Visionary Leader

You founded your company because you have a big
vision and want to build something that’s meaningful.

You have an immense ambition to change lives.

You want to leave the world better than you found it.

And…you’ve already accomplished big things.

But… you want to figure out how to keep growing without burning out in the process. You want to work in a new way. Because the old way (hustling hard, 12-hour workdays, back-to-back meetings, overwhelm, no space to breathe) is just not sustainable.

might be tumbling through your mind:

> “I’m being pulled in 100 directions every day. What’s the right priority to focus on right now?”

> “Somebody always needs something from me. How can I increase my revenue without adding even more work to my plate?

> “I’m constantly reacting to urgent needs, putting out fires. How do I manage my time and schedule better without the overwhelm?”

> “By the end of the day, I’m exhausted, and I only have ‘scraps’ leftover for my family, not to mention myself. How can I break out of this pattern?”


If that sounds like you, then you need:

The Vision Retreat
The Vision Retreat

is a weekend retreat in Sunny California.

A sanctuary where you can press pause on your 1,000 obligations…exhale…think clearly…see possibilities you couldn’t see before…and make exciting decisions about your business and life.

You Need This Retreat.

Your body needs this. Your spirit needs this. Your business definitely needs this.

And when you return back to work with that post-retreat glow—refreshed and clear, ready to lead and inspire—your team and loved ones will be so grateful you did this, too.

The Vision Retreat Includes:

Powerful training and coaching to help bring your company to the next level.
Free time to wander, soak in the hot tub, explore the grounds, and admire the view.
Space to exhale, organize your thoughts, write down your ideas, and walk away with a plan.
Your own private bedroom and bathroom in a gorgeous venue with time to nap and dream.
Nourishing meals. Surprise gifts. Luxurious spa time. 5-star service from start to finish.

You’ll Leave With:


The big vision: a 12-month plan for your company.

Clear steps: an action plan for the next 90 days.

Huge shifts: clarity on how to grow your business.

A-ha moments: strategies to simplify your life.

New connections: meet entrepreneurs just like yourself.


Run a business that is growing fast.

Want to have a positive impact on humanity.

Are looking for ways to generate more money in a sustainable way.

Want to serve more people, but without working harder than you already do.

Desire more simplicity, ease, and calm in your professional life and at home, too.

Ready to stop feeling so “busy” and shift from overwhelm to inspired and energized.

This retreat is for you.

Why attend The Vision Retreat?
here are a few joyful reasons…

A happier, clearer, more creative brain.

Research from the National Academy of Science shows that spending time in nature acts as a reset button for your brain. After a few days in nature, you feel more optimistic. You come up with wealth-building ideas. You see things you couldn’t see before.

connections with INSPIRING women.

When you spend time with ambitious, passionate, creative women, their energy is contagious. It changes you. And inspires new possibilities. If you often feel like the weirdo in your business community, you’ll find your where-have-you-been-all-my-life people here.

A simpler approach to work and life.

If life feels like a non-stop treadmill and you don’t know how to get off, this retreat is perfect for you. We show you how to grow your business while delegating more, streamlining systems, and working less. Your life is about to feel a whole lot less complicated.

Are you ready to slow down and exhale?


Beautiful Work. Big Results.

When you work with Jadah (that’s me) and my team, you get massive results.
Here’s a glance at a few of my recent clients and their victories:

One client grew their business to $500K in one year, and reached $960K by year three.

Another client shifted from “trying to handle everything by herself” to building a solid, trustworthy team with 18 employees and growing.

Another published their first book and developed new product lines that allowed the company to grow from $1.5 to $3 million in one year.

Another client grew her email list organically (no paid advertising) from 700 to 45,000 subscribers using my unique community growth strategies.

And one client learned how to delegate more effectively, which allowed her to step away from the business and enjoy a peaceful maternity leave—while still enjoying $90K and $100K months. Working less. Earning more. That’s what we’re all about!

Jadah Sellner
Your Host and Retreat Leader

Hi! I’m Jadah (rhymes with Prada), a best-selling author, business mentor, TEDx speaker, and host of the Lead with Love® Podcast. I’ve been featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CBS’s The Doctors TV, and on the cover of Women’s World.

I’m the founder of several companies including the company I sold in 2016, Simple Green Smoothies, which grew to over $1 million in the first two years. With business strategies rooted in love, I built an online community of 400,000+ Instagram followers and 355,0000 email subscribers.

What I learned from the past 12 years as an entrepreneur is building a business that causes burnout is not sustainable. I teach you how to take your business to the next level and be more fulfilled in your life with a proven 4-step process, Build with L.O.V.E.™ Method.

On this retreat, WE’ll help you:
  • connect to your bigger dreams and vision,
  • grow your community + simplify your business,
  • without sacrificing what matters most to you

Michele Morales
Your Retreat Concierge

Michele is my right-hand woman and your personal retreat concierge. She handles all event logistics and makes sure everything runs smoothly for you. Michele is just one email away if there’s anything you need. Have questions about traveling to California? Got some dietary restrictions? Need to make an update to your reservation? Michele to the rescue. You’ll be in excellent hands.

The Next Retreat
Happening in Northern California

Get on the waitlist to be notified of upcoming dates.
Space is limited to 15 guests per retreat.


Reserve Your Spot

Blissed Out Boss

1 beautiful bedroom. Just for you. Get cozy and have sweet dreams. $6,500.


Dynamic Duo

2 beds. You and your right-hand person (your assistant, business manager, or COO). $12,500.


Dream Team

3 beds. You and several members of your team. Contact us  about team packages.



I’m interested in this retreat, but I’m not really into group activities. Would this be suitable for me?

The Vision Retreat is a small-group retreat with 15 participants. Every guest has their own bedroom and plenty of privacy, space, and free time to do their own thing.

This is an introvert-friendly retreat.

You’re encouraged to participate in group sessions when you want (you might be surprised by how much inspiration you get from the other founders!) but nothing is mandatory. If you feel like skipping a group session and taking a quiet walk in the woods instead? Be our guest. It’s your retreat and you can do whatever feels right.

I have a lot of responsibilities and it’s hard to step away. What if everything falls apart while I’m gone?

As a mom and wife, I completely understand how uneasy you can feel about traveling away from home. You may be thinking: my business can’t function without me or my kids need me. Stepping away from your usual routine can feel challenging, but the rewards are huge.

In 3 days at The Vision Retreat, you’re likely to have more million-dollar ideas—and get more high-level work done—than in 3 weeks or even 3 months back at home.

By attending, you’re not “stealing” time away from your company and family. You’re making a positive investment in yourself, one that will benefit everyone back at home.

I’d like to come but the dates don’t work for me. Is it possible to hire Jadah for business coaching 1-on-1, instead?

Yes. Jadah offers 1-on-1 coaching for a handful of clients each month. Please email us if you’re interested in learning more.

Is this retreat going to have lots of sage burning and drum circles and chanting kumbaya all weekend long?

Nope. That’s not the vibe at this retreat.

Will there be gorgeous trees, hiking trails, fresh air, hot tubs, nourishing meals, smart business coaching, and a kind, welcoming atmosphere? Yes.

Will there be chanting and kumbaya-ing? No.

I can’t wait to come! What should I bring? How should I prepare?

How exciting!

You’ll receive an email (prior to arrival) explaining how to prep and what to pack.

But, very briefly, we recommend bringing comfy, casual clothes that make you feel confident + cozy (whatever that means for you), and please bring your laptop, charger, pen, journal, walking shoes, and a bathing suit for the hot tub. And that’s it! Show up and let us handle the rest.

I have another question that’s not answered here!

Please email us. We’re happy to help!

What women are saying
about the retreat…


“This retreat has changed, not only my business, but it really changed me as a person, as a business owner. I’m more action-oriented. I’m more confident. I’m more clear.”

ENRIKA GREATHOUSE, Founder of Small Gorilla

“I loved the face-to-face time with Jadah and the other women. There’s just something about being in-person with people that cannot be replicated any other way.

EMILY PERRON, Hiring Consultant

“There’s something great about leaving the laptop and having so many creative conversations that lead to sometimes the simplest paths forward. So the in-person time is invaluable.”

GRACE ESTRIPEAUT, Meditation Teacher

“I loved the community and connection with this amazing group of women and the way that Jadah facilitated each activity. It was fun, inspiring, and motivating.”

MEGAN SCHILLER, Founder of The Art Pantry

“It used to be really hard for me to get away from my family, and I felt so guilty. And then after that retreat, I found so much in myself and felt so fulfilled after doing it, that I realized how important it is. It was a really magical weekend.”

MEGGAN HILL, Executive Chef and Founder of Culinary Hill

Jadah’s masterful at creating spaces in a retreat, creating the container of who she selected to be in the group so that we all work really well together. And so it is unique that way. The energies, how we all blend together, the space that’s held, there’s nothing like it in every way.”


“Now that I’ve been working with Jadah for almost a year, my business has tripled. I feel confident in the future vision for my business, and I’m grateful knowing that I can handle the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.”

MERI CHERRY, Founder of Meri Cherry Art Studio

Now I’m in the position where I’m working 3 ½ hours a day. I’m working in a way that is actually generating revenue allowing me to be with my son and getting super laser sharp focused on exactly what actions I need to take.

NIKKI SILVESTRI, Speaker & Social Change Consultant

“Working with Jadah has really helped me to get that permission that business doesn’t have to be my entire life in order to be successful. I’ve been working so hard for years to make this work, and it’s been working, but I’ve been working hours upon hours upon hours. Jadah is an amazing example. You don’t have to do it that way. You can have a family, you can have an amazing business.”

KATHLYN HART LAU, Co-Founder, Made with Lau

“I had three different businesses and at the time I was making a decision to shut down one of them. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt really alone. Now I have a really clear roadmap to get to where I am going.”

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