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Protecting the queen bee in your business with Mike Michalowicz

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Are you ready to increase your financial health, empower your team, and create work from your soul? If you believe money is a form of freedom, but is not the end game, then this episode is for you.

In episode 139 of the Lead with Love podcast, I get cozy with Mike Michalowicz who is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies, which he launched before his 35th birthday. Mike sold his first company to private equity and his second firm to a Fortune 500.

He’s the author of Clockwork, Profit First, and many more. Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the former business makeover specialist on MSNBC. He’s on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty, so you don’t want to miss this conversation.

“When someone really loves their business, that’s what I consider the ultimate wealth.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Who we shouldn’t forget about when leading with love [2:08]
  • What Mike means when he says that we should be “putting life back into business” [5:31]
  • His journey to becoming a self-made millionaire, losing it all and the pivotal moment that set him on the path to where he is today [7:08]
  • What’s been Mike’s motivation for writing every single one of his books to date [11:47]
  • His key mission in life and what he’s done to take action on it [13:43]
  • What a successful business really is and some common misconceptions that people often have about entrepreneurs [16:18]
  • Mike’s thought process when naming his books [21:08]
  • How his writing has evolved over the years and why in certain ways he finds it harder now [25:36]
  • What is the “QBR”, how to identify it in your business and why knowing it is crucial [29:58]
  • How he plans to take an “operation vacation”, the challenges he faces with it and why it should be a goal for all entrepreneurs [36:48]
  • What’s next for Mike and his view on the changing trends in business [41:28]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Mike Michalowicz

» Books

» Run Like Clockwork

» The Profit First Podcast

» Connect with Mike on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

» The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

» Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Key Quotes:

  • “I think if we’re truly loving to ourselves, we will be authentically ourselves, and now these platforms become a mechanism of serving a great good.” [2:52]
  • “When someone really loves their business, that’s what I consider the ultimate wealth.” [19:12]
  • “If I’m not writing a book, I’m putting my entire business in jeopardy, so I need to protect that [role]” [33:30]
  • “When you extract yourself fully, the business can run on automatic. It can make impact without you, and that is something that can live on beyond your active input.” [34:46]
  • “I believe a business that does well for the entrepreneur also does well for his community.” [41:54]

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