So what have I been up to? Here's a sneak peek!


Being a fully committed + present Wife, Mother and Friend. It's numero uno on the list baby! I also made staying healthy, sexy & sane my #1 personal goal for this year.



I'm super passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs who are ready to reach more people + grow their business to the next level. If that's you, let's talk (apply here). Love Over Metrics‚ĄĘ Business Growth Incubator starts in September!



Creating my first TEDx talk happening in November; creating valuable content for Build Your Challenge (Join the waitlist); hosting an in-person Women's Business Circle in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Hustling and promoting the Simple Green Smoothies Lifestyle with our tasty recipe book! Just got translated into German РGuten tag! #kaleyeah



ProBlogger Evolve¬†–¬†July 29 & 30, 2017 (Brisbane, Australia) + August 5 & 6, 2017 (Melbourne, Australia). I'm sharing the stage¬†with Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, James Schramko¬†+ more!



There's nothing better than traveling the world with the people you love. In the last few years, I've traveled to London, Paris, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, China.

Next up:

  • Australia & Bali: July + August¬†2017
  • Necker Island:¬†October 2017
  • Tulum: October 2017
  • Dominican Republic: November 2017
  • Hawaii: December 2017

These are my priorities. I have to lovingly say no to everything else: summits, affiliate programs, new projects (unless Oprah¬†or Ellen call). ūüôā

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