Anti-Hustle Planning Workshop


Plan with Love, So You Can Build with Love. 


April 27 & 28th, 2024 | 10am – 4:00pm PT 



*Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off! 


Clarify Your 6-Month Plan in Less Than 48 Hours
and know you’re on the right path.

Tell me…

> Are you a CEO, Founder, or Entrepreneur who has too many things going on, too many ideas, and not enough time?

> Are you not sure where to focus your most valuable asset…you, your energy, and your creativity?

> You don’t want more to do. You want more room to breathe while also increasing your profits.

> You’ve reached a certain level of success, but you’re not sure what direction to go in next.

> You’ve made some progress, but if you’re completely honest, you can’t see the wins that you’ve made in the past three months.

> Are you stuck on a hamster wheel (aka hustle culture), and it’s keeping you from growing your business at a pace that works for your life?


If any of these things are true about you…your current planning system isn’t working.


You need a new plan. We’ll help you build it. In-person. Heart-to-heart, face-to-face.

Build your 6-month Anti-Hustle Business Plan™

without hustling or overwhelm

Anti-Hustle Planning Workshop

Join us in person for an exclusive 2-day anti-hustle experience for creative CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs. I’ll walk you through my Anti-Hustle Business Model, so you can make decisions and feel confident about your next steps. #AntiHustleBusiness 

Dates: April 27 & 28, 2024
Time: 10 am – 4 pm PT
3391 Mt. Diablo Ste D, Lafayette, CA 94549

Investment: $1,997 $997
*Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off. 


(5 spots left)

What women are saying...


“This retreat has changed, not only my business, but it really changed me as a person, as a business owner. I’m more action-oriented. I’m more confident. I’m more clear.”

ENRIKA GREATHOUSE, Founder of Small Gorilla

The women you meet in the room are incredible because they have so much collectively to offer that builds on what Jadah is providing. Jadah creates a great framework in a short time, and the other women can help you flush it out even more.”

REGINA MARTINELLI, Money Mindset Coach

“Perfect for stepping away from the grind to get recentered in why I started my business in the first place, and find a more easeful and loving way to build my business to serve my community, my family, and myself as an entrepreneur.”

HEDDY NAM, Founder,

“Jadah is able to peel away what may be holding us back from our own success with her exercises, the space she is able to hold, and also the group of woman she attracts. The exercises and then the hot seat moments with others in the group bring great clarity.

Kebby McInroy, Founder, Studio4Art & Marin Pottery

Learn the anti-hustle planning process that I’ve used to grow my businesses for the last 10 years.



We’ll focus on creating your Anti-Hustle Business Plan™ using the Build with L.O.V.E. framework…


Create a Revenue Map and vision to increase profits, eliminate distractions, and simplify your business model


Build an integrated workflow, dream team, and systems that sustain you and your company’s growth so you don’t overextend yourself


Design a 6-month Visionary Action Plan to reach your goals with clarity, focus, and confidence


Align your time, energy and joy by prioritizing personal goals and self-care as a business strategy for sustainable success

You’ll Walk Away with a…


> Clear vision: Review your big picture vision, connect to your “why,” and define your desired outcome.

> Clear plan:
You’ll build a solid plan to grow your creative venture without overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout.

Clear focus:
You’ll know what projects to move forward on in the next 6 months with excitement about the future.


Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off! 

Make this a retreat for you and your business. Book a night or two in an inspiring hotel. Get a massage. Soak in a hot tub. Take an extra day to process and decompress before you go home. 


Jadah’s masterful at creating spaces in a retreat, creating the container of who she selected to be in the group so that we all work really well together. And so it is unique that way. The energies, how we all blend together, the space that’s held, there’s nothing like it in every way.”


“There are two reasons that prompted me to hire Jadah. First one was burn out –– I had too much work, needed more help, and I wasn’t sure how to hire a team. And the other reason was my deeper purpose –– I wanted to have a why to really drive me and have something bigger that I was working towards. Jadah helped with both of these.”

MEGGAN HILL, Executive Chef and Founder of Culinary Hill

“Jadah’s presence and warmth is truly remarkable. She created instant community and so much spaciousness. I still marvel at all we accomplished!”

AMY AHLERS, Bestselling Author and Leadership Coach

“I loved the community and connection with this amazing group of women and the way that Jadah facilitated each activity. It was fun, inspiring, and motivating.”

MEGAN SCHILLER, Founder of The Art Pantry

Hi, I’m Jadah Sellner!

Jadah (rhymes with Prada). I’m a business coach, international keynote and TEDx speaker, poet, and host of the Lead with Love® podcast. I’m the author of She Builds and coauthor of Simple Green Smoothies, where over one million people have embraced this simple and healthy habit.

As the founder of Jadah Sellner Media, Inc. and She Builds Collective, I help women build their businesses and their lives in a way that works for them—with love. I have been featured in ForbesO, The Oprah Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Learn more at or follow me on social media at @jadahsellner

When I’m not speaking on stage, you can catch me dancing to Beyoncé in my living room or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, daughter, and dog Beesly.

Get ready for two days of…

clarity, connection, and inspiration


Following my 5-step anti-hustle planning process from She Builds, you’ll walk away with a solid vision and plan. You’ll not only know what to focus on next in your business, but you’ll also feel more energized and confident.


I’M IN! 

*Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off. 

If you’re craving business strategy, community, and an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded creatives like you, sign up now.

“My results with Jadah astounded me. In one month, I launched a six-figure course. In my first call with Jadah, she unlocked a strategy that helped me earn $30,000 in two weeks and then led to a $160,000 course launch.”

AMBER RAE, Bestselling Author & Writing Mentor

“Jadah has helped me achieve some of my biggest goals for traffic, income, team building, and lifestyle, I couldn’t have done it without her guidance.”

KAREN GIFFORD, Creator of The Food Charlatan

One of the biggest results is finally getting team figured out, feeling way more confident hiring people, learning when to let people go, who needed to be on my team, and how much I should pay them. I felt so much more confident after our work together.

REBECCA TRACEY, Founder, The Uncaged Life


Run a business that is growing fast.

Want to have a positive impact on humanity.

Are looking for ways to generate more money sustainably.

Want to serve more people, but without working harder than you already do.

Desire more simplicity, ease, and calm in your professional life and at home, too.

Ready to stop feeling so “busy” and shift from overwhelm to inspired.



Anti-Hustle Planning Workshop

Reset, Recenter, and Plan Your Next 6 Months

with more intention, focus, and ease.


Investment: $1,997 $997
*Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off. 


(5 spots left)

Beautiful Work. Big Results.

When you work with Jadah (that’s me) and my team, you get massive results.
Here’s a glance at a few of my recent clients and their victories:

One client grew their business to $500K in one year, and reached $960K by year three.

Another client shifted from “trying to handle everything by herself” to building a solid, trustworthy team with 18 employees and growing.

Another published their first book and developed new product lines that allowed the company to grow from $1.5 to $3 million in one year.

Another client grew her email list organically (no paid advertising) from 700 to 45,000 subscribers using my unique community growth strategies.

And one client learned how to delegate more effectively, which allowed her to step away from the business and enjoy a peaceful maternity leave—while still enjoying $90K and $100K months. Working less. Earning more. That’s what we’re all about!


Is this an overnight event?

This is a 2-day event. So if you’re out of town, you’ll need a place to stay overnight.

We’d love for you to make it an experience and really step away from day-to-day business and life responsibilities. That’s why we’re offering a $1K discount to help with the cost.

Once you join, we’ll send you a list of places to stay in the area so you can rest and decompress after the workshop.

What if I can only attend one day?

We encourage you to prioritize yourself and your business and make the space to be fully present for both days. We’ll also be covering different parts of the framework each day, which you won’t want to miss.

Where is the workshop location?

It’s located at Create & Flow in the San Francisco Bay Area (3391 Mt. Diablo Ste D, Lafayette, CA 94549).

There is street parking and you can also use LYFT or UBER.


San Francisco International Airport (SFO): 32 miles to the workshop.

Oakland International Airport (OAK): 22 miles to the workshop.

Buchanan Field Airport (CCR): 9 miles to the workshop via – great if you’re flying from Burbank, Orange County, or Las Vegas.

What’s the difference between the workshop and the She Builds book?

Attending the live workshop, gives you an opportunity to implement the exercises in the book. You’ll also have an opportunity to receive coaching and feedback on your 6-month plan from Jadah and her team.

I am at the very beginning of starting a new business. Would this workshop be a good fit for me?

Congratulations on starting a new business! Yes, She Builds Planning Workshop would be a good fit for you. Jadah covers foundational business principles, exercises, and strategies, that support all business owners whether they’re just starting out or they’re scaling up their companies.

Will this workshop support me if I’ve been running my business for several years and I’m already making 6- or 7-figures?

Yes! This workshop was designed for the seasoned business owner who has a lot on their plates. When you’re further along in your business, it’s essential that you take a step away from day-to-day responsibilities to make an intentional plan. Otherwise, you’re constantly in reaction mode, putting fires out, instead of prioritizing the most important projects to grow your business.


Use the code PLAN at checkout to get $1K off! 

(5 spots left)

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