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I can’t believe this happened…

I have EXCITING news to share with you. 

And the story of how I got there shows how important it is to get clarity on what you want (even if you’re not sure when or how it will happen). 

I created my first Vision Board in 2012 and declared I wanted to make $30,000 per month. During this time, my husband, daughter, and I struggled to make ends meet after closing down our first business in Kauaʻi.

18 months later, the company I co-founded, Simple Green Smoothies, generated $86,000 in ten days with our Fresh Start 21-Day Cleanse. That product made over one million dollars in two years.

I wrote my first Future Vision in 2013, and I cast what I wanted three years from that date. Every time I’d write an updated Future Vision, I’d include the same thing over and over again.

“I'm leading powerful retreats for inspiring visionary leaders. They will unplug from their day-to-day and have time to think, connect with others, strategize, and plan their next steps in their world-changing ventures. The locations will be beautiful, inspiring, relaxing. It is a year-long sacred container with quarterly resets and planning sessions. I have an office studio for recording music albums, podcasts, vlog episodes, a place to test and play and be creative.”

In chapter 3 of my book She Builds, I shared that neuropsychologists call this biological process encoding. It’s where we mentally store our goals and dreams, which facilitates decision-making that will lead us toward them.

Connecting to your future, whether vision boarding, writing down what you want, or visualizing a future experience in your mind, provides you with visual cues that will increase your likelihood of accomplishing your goals.

This year my vision to have a creative studio has become a reality. 🥳

My New Creative Studio at Create & Flow

We got the keys at the end of May right before I left for my Big Book Deal Retreat in Italy! We’re already filling the space with our creative work.

  • George started teaching his One Heart Music classes in the space in June and he’s writing new songs for his fourth album.
  • I hosted a VIP Day with my client Meri Cherry and her Operations Manager (followed by foot massages + sushi dinner).
  • I started a book club with my friend Jennifer Covington and discussed and implemented exercises from Set Boundaries, Find Peace.

Having my own creative space has been a part of my vision for over a decade. And now, all these years later, the dream has found it's way to me, in an unexpected way.

That’s the power of envisioning, Briana. Discover what you want, write it down, and say it out loud. You need to know what you want and why you want it. Then you surrender to how and when it will happen.

That's why I say…

Don't put a timeline on your dreams.
Put a timeline on your actions.

Your dream, just like mine, is waiting for you to manifest miracles. That’s what we’ll be doing on September 8th in the Anti-Hustle Vision Casting Workshop. We’ll write our future vision with intention, purpose, love, and focus. I’m so excited to host you in my new beautiful creative studio.

Hope to see you there!

Warm hugs,

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