You deserve to

love your life


when you feel like opting out

Quick Q for you,

Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel?

For me, this summer has been a really emotional time.

There were moments where I wanted to opt out of everything.

But instead, I opted out of some things, not #allthethings.

I slowed down my Instagram posts, I took a pause on publishing podcast episodes, I moved project deadlines and dates around.

Instead of lowering my ambition and getting caught up in overwhelm, I decided to extend my timeline.

You can do the same.

Instead of lowering your ambition, extend the timeline.

And get the support you need.

Over the summer, I leaned in deeply to my support system of healers, therapists, life coach, friends.

I allowed the containers I’ve created over the last few years to hold me.

I was able to weave in and out of conversations about grief, about my business, about my daughter’s homeschool schedule.

There’s something special about having people in your corner where you can bring your whole self to the conversation. Where your dreams and your doubts have a seat at the table.

Are you looking for deep connection, support, and sisterhood?

If you've made great progress with your business all alone, and now you’re ready to give that momentum a little rocket fuel by having an amazing community of other entrepreneurs who are building a business that supports their life, then I invite you to apply for Love Over Metrics Incubator (You can learn more here).

Building a business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine having…

  • A safe space to share your life and make strategic business plans.
  • A supportive group to help you build your business in a loving, sustainable way.
  • Smart people to bounce ideas and strategies with

“THE WOMEN. Don't even get me started on how incredible these women are… But not just WHO they are, but that I can relate on so many levels and yet we are so different. The diversity (in every way) is such a beautiful thing for me. Feeling supported is invaluable.” – Brandilyn Davidson, Brand Photographer

“I've made a big shift in my money mindset, surrendering more to what I know will come. I've also come to appreciate the power of group connection for myself. It's something I provide for others, but don't always invest in enough for myself. I've gained patience and acceptance of myself and my way of doing things. I would recommend LOM because it's a supportive group of powerhouse women who lead with love. It's inspiring and rejuvenating! If you're looking for a supportive group of women to support you on your business journey, jump in!” – Tosha Schore, Parent Expert & Coach

Women inside Love Over Metrics have also shared…

“I found it extra productive and the perfect balance between brain and heart work.”

“Space to explore things the world doesn't value, space to cry and be a badass at the same time!”

“A good balance of connection time, introspection time and practical business coaching time.”

Want to join our crew of big-dreaming founders?

Get the support, structure and guidance you need to grow your business into a consistent, sustainable business that is fulfilling and allows you to be present with those you love the most.

In Love Over Metrics Incubator you will have the accountability, mentorship, and quick feedback you need to really take it to the next level.

Join an amazing community of like-minded women who have the enthusiasm and drive to grow their businesses while encouraging you, pushing you, propelling your business forward too.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

We all rise together.

Warm hugs,

Heads up! Doors are open for Love Over Metrics. I only open applications once a year. If you’re feeling the call, the nudge, apply now! 🙂

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