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How I build deeper friendships (and so can you)

I started my week off with a 4-hour lunch with one of my besties, Jen Kem. I love that we live just 3 miles from each other and can connect in person for long leisurely lunches.

We both run companies and we’re raising families, so we can talk about sooooo much. In one conversation we talked about our bodies, nutrition, strength training, meal delivery services, our rebel nature, our husbands, our kids, therapy, triggers, writing books, fear of rejection, grief, webinars, our upcoming launches. We cover it all.

I have a question for you:

Do you have friends you can lean on where you can bring your whole self to the conversation?

As founders, we can feel very isolated and lonely at times. And as humans, we have a deep desire to build a supportive community of like-minded people.

In my newest solo episode on the Lead with Love Podcast, I’ll share how I personally build deeper friendships and why they matter so much. Life is intense, and we need each other to lean on.

Building Deeper Friendships

Prioritize connection in your life, and make space for friends.

– Jadah Sellner

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • Where you find friends to go deep with – and what I’ve done to find mine
  • How to make sure that you stay connected with your friends when life gets super busy
  • How to be a good friend that someone wants to spend time with
  • My top tips for being vulnerable with your friends and for “keeping it real”
  • What I mean when I say to look for “transformational over transactional” when it comes to relationships
  • My special invitation to you that will help you build deeper friendships starting today

FIND full show notes here:

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If you’re looking to build transformational friendships, grow your business and impact, and join a community of smart, mission driven women just like you, I have great news for you.

We’re now accepting applications for my Love Over Metrics Incubator program! Learn more and apply here.

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