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My biggest heartbreak this summer

Today, I have something personal to share with you.

10 months ago I started unpacking the next book that was stirring in my soul.

My book journey led me to my origin story. The parts of my past that built my resilience and desire to create more love in the world.

6 months ago I would get my 23 & Me report to connect to my roots:

40% African,
30% European,
30% Asian

Covering every continent but Australia and Antarctica, I could see visually I was a child of the world. Feeling I belonged everywhere and nowhere.

4 months ago I started therapy to release childhood trauma and heal my relationship with my father who I hadn’t had a relationship with since I was 16 years old.

For 20 years I had to redefine, find, and remind myself of what family means to me.

3 months ago, I found out my father passed away. The biggest heartbreak broken all over again. I would not get to reconcile a relationship with him in this lifetime.

On Monday, I attended my father’s service to honor his spirit.

Together, we released white doves 🕊 which represent peace and forgiveness.

I held onto a single dove in the palm of my hands. Allowing my fingers to clasp across its chest. Knowing this dove wanted to be free and go home, I hugged its wings with my thumbs on it’s shoulders, so it could not fly.

We said his name, Darrell.
We released.
We let go.

I released in love, in hope, in gratitude that my father is free to love in a new way. I know he’s home where his big smile and spirit can shine.

I love you father.

Warm hugs,

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