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This was so hard for my husband and I

I remember, several years ago, my husband and I were sitting on our living room floor. I had recently called out of my job because I didn't have enough money to put gas in my car to get there.

And here we are, creating our first vision boards, surrounded by magazine cutouts of inspiring words, beautiful homes, fancy cars, dream vacations in Tahiti, and we're thinking, “How could this ever be possible?”

It was so hard to imagine that we could have what we really want. So we look at the vision board, we look at each other and then we start craughing. (That's when you're laughing and crying at the same time because it's so sad that it hurts, and it’s so bad that it's funny.)

At that time, it was so hard for us to dream big. I remember saying to my husband this night, “All I want is a car that's not a hooptie and won't break down on us.” But we were listening to Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and he was telling us to dream big.

Push yourself to dream bigger

So I pushed myself and I wrote: “$30,000 a month on my business card, $15,000 for my business partner, Jen, and her family, and $15,000 a month for my family.”

And honestly, when I wrote this down, I didn't believe it, but I posted it on my vision board anyway.

When you say your dreams out loud, it allows your subconscious mind and the people around you to know that you're serious about making it a reality. Even if it doesn't seem like it's going to happen, I encourage you to do it.

18 months after I posted that card on my vision board, we made that revenue goal with Simple Green Smoothies, and we’d even surpass it on a consistent basis.

How big are your dreams?

Share one big dream that feels impossible right now over here on Instagram. Or share one big dream you’re super excited about!

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Here’s to dreaming big!

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