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A tip for a healthy marriage

One ritual that has really helped my husband and I stay connected in our marriage of 19 years is…⁠

An intentional weekly date. 💖⁠

Finding the time to meet like this can be challenging some weeks. But when we do, we always feel much more aligned and connected during the week.

When you prioritize this time, you’ll be amazed at the shifts it can create. ⁠

Our couple’s meetings follow a simple flow: appreciate, celebrate, anticipate.⁠

First, we acknowledge what we’ve noticed the other person doing well in all areas of life. Then, we share our personal wins, both personally and professionally. Finally, we pull out our calendars and align our weekly schedules.⁠

Here’s an excerpt from She Builds about how I plan my week.

“I designed my Weekly Workflow Plan around my daughter’s school schedule, as well as the hours I know I’ll work the most efficiently. When school’s in session, Zoe goes off to school at 8:00 am, then George and I meditate together before starting the day. I try to schedule client calls in the morning, when I do my best strategic and creative problem-solving. At lunch my energy wanes, so I take a nap for fifteen minutes. Then I devote the later hours of my workday to less demanding activities such as responding to email. I pick up Zoe from school at 3:00 pm, and afternoons and evenings are spent catching up with friends, walking the dog, helping Zoe with homework, and having dinner with family.”

This month, we invited our daughter to join us so we could get on the same page as a family for the summer. We went out to lunch, and everyone took turns appreciating each other and celebrating our wins; then, we made decisions about our travel plans, shared our wish lists of activities we'd like to do, and made important appointments.

Do you have special rituals that you do with your partner, loved ones, or someone on your team? Is there anything you do that you feel is supportive? ⁠Reply to this email and let me know.

I share the what and how of our weekly planning dates in my book She Builds so check it out for ideas on how to plan a week that maximizes productivity without the stress and hustle.

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