You deserve to

love your life


It’s time to start something new…

I started at zero.

Zero followers, zero subscribers, zero income.

Even for entrepreneurs that have built multiple businesses, every time you build it’s like you’re starting from scratch.

Of course the second or third time around, you're a little wiser because you have more information, more experience and more confidence.

I grew Simple Green Smoothies to over 400K followers on Instagram and over 355,000 subscribers.

I created a product that generated over $1 million in sales in two years.

But before my former partner Jen Hansard and I started that project, we launched a parenting blog called Family Sponge. We wanted to connect with moms like ourselves so we focused on parenting, eco-friendly arts and crafts, kid-friendly meals, etc.

But we were only getting a dozen likes and a couple of comments on each post. Not the thousands we ended up getting on Simple Green Smoothies.

When I launched my current consulting business. I felt like I was starting all over again.

Did you know that even though I’ve helped one of my clients this year grow their email list to 12,000 new subscribers by following my Build Your Challenge course, and having one 50-minute strategy call with me in June, that I still have less than 2,500 subscribers on my current email list?

We all start at zero

Give yourself permission to be a beginner again and again.

What you're building matters.

And what you’re building takes time.

Trust the process. Trust yourself.

Warm hugs,

P.S. Are you building something new? If you’d like my support while you grow and build, let me know what’s brewing in your heart by applying here. Once you apply, my team will reach out to schedule a call.

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