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Save the date for October 8!

I’m popping into your inbox today with some great news!

If you felt like you been playing instead of slaying your to do list all summer (hello #vacationmode!), we’re about to change that.

I have a quick Q for you…

Is this slowing you down?

1) You’re doing all-the-things yourself, and you know you need to outsource certain things if you want to grow and scale

2) You need to get more comfortable with showing up online and selling without needing to take two showers after

3) You’re distracted by shiny objects all the time. You see what others are doing and feel like you need to do them too #squirrel

4) You compare yourself to others and get disappointed when they ‘pass' you or are more successful #comparisonkillsconnection

5) You love your work but you’re overwhelmed from wearing too many hats and constantly feeling like you’re chasing the next big idea with not much to show

Are you ready to…

  • Build your business in a way that feels fun, expansive, like an act of service, and more profitable every single day?
  • Make a BIGGER impact, using your gifts and expertise to change more lives?
  • Be a part of a supportive community of women who encourage you to focus on your big dreams and accomplish your goals in an inspiring way?

I only open spots for the Love Over Metrics Incubator once a year, and we officially start October 8, 2019. So save-the-date!

This is an opportunity for female entrepreneurs (that's YOU!) to double your revenue and your reach online without adding more stress to your business, so you can spend more time with your family and make a positive impact in the world.

Now that I've been working with Jadah for almost a year, my business has tripled. I feel really confident in the future vision for my business and I'm just so grateful knowing that with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, I can handle them.”
– Meri Cherry, Author & Process Art Studio Owner

“Now I'm in the position where I'm working three and a half hours a day. I'm working in a way that is actually generating revenue allowing me to be with my son and getting super laser sharp focused on exactly what actions I need to take.”
– Nikki Silvestri, Speaker & Social Change Consultant

“To find a community of women that also are trying to raise children and also trying to maintain healthy marriages, it made me feel like I've found my people. I didn't know that there could even be such a thing as what I experienced in Love Over Metrics.”
– Deanna Mason, Creator of Refreshed Moms

What makes Love Over Metrics unique is, you’ll…

  • Create more sustainable offers while building trust and authority with your community,
  • Map out a clear business strategy in person with me and a group of world-changing women
    Receive direct one on one feedback, so you can make an impact while supporting your family, and
  • Take action on the ideas worth implementing without overthinking it

Your first step is to submit an application, and a Scale with Love Specialist on our team will reach out to you, and help you identify the right next step for your business growth.

Head over to to learn more.

Through LOVE OVER METRICS™, you’ll finally STOP feeling overwhelmed from wearing too many hats and START doubling your revenue and reach, so you can make a positive impact for your family and the community you serve.

No more stress, shiny objects, and confusion on what to do next to create sustainable growth.

The Love Over Metrics Incubator is designed to help you get clarity on the next steps to take in your business, receive personal feedback and guidance from a mentor who’s been growing businesses for 10+ years (that’s me!), and have support and accountability from a community of inspiring women, so you can increase your income, have a kicka$$ team, and spend more time with your family.

This is an intimate, invite only program. Priority will be given to applications received by September 13, 2019. I have 5 times more people on my waitlist than spots available, so please apply quickly!

The Incubator is for you…

If your business is growing and gaining a lot of momentum, and you want to…

  • stay focused and have a gameplan to complete larger projects and dreams that make a bigger impact
  • show up online consistently and feel comfortable owning your message, so you can do the work that you love
  • surround yourself with inspiring + smart, ambitious women who can hold you accountable, support and encourage you
  • grow a strong, sustainable business that is fulfilling and profitable!

If you’re like, “Yes, Jadah, this is so my jam!” Here’s what to do next:

  1. Step one: Apply here now! I can’t wait to hear about your dreams + vision. I personally read every single application.
  2. Step two: Schedule a connection call: Hop on a quick call with my amazing right hand and Scale with Love Specialist, Michele, to get the inside scoop on Love Over Metrics and determine if it’s the next best step for you.

Love deserves a seat at the table in business. #loveovermetrics

Warm hugs,

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