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The downside of growing a business

Do you find yourself wondering…

Am I doing enough?
Am I using my time wisely?
Am I focusing on the right projects?
Am I setting the right goals?

Most of all…

Am I doing what I need to do to build a sustainable, meaningful business? Or am I headed straight for burnout?

After being an entrepreneur for 10+ years, I can tell you that the biggest downside to growing a business is that there is no “there” –– the to-do list doesn’t go away, the self-doubt doesn't disappear, the final destination never comes.

Business is like bottomless Mimosas at a Sunday afternoon brunch
(or morning –– I’m not here to judge).

It’s never ending.

If you’re ambitious like me, you want to put your family and your health first, but you also have a strong commitment to the craft and continuing to love up on your community.

You want to thoughtfully and strategically build a business to support revenue growth, use your voice to help more people, simplify your business and develop a lean team.

As entrepreneurs what we need is confidence + trust in ourselves to know we’re on the right track.

If your business is gaining a lot of momentum, and you’re ready to grow and expand this year, then I created Love Over Metrics for YOU!

As your mentor, I guide you through the Love Over Metrics method to scale your business in a soulful way with consistency, focus and personalized support.

What the current Love Over Metrics community
loves about the program:

“Only one??? I have about 132 favorite parts. BUT if I could only pick one, it would be having this safe, supportive container to share the good and the not so good, get feedback and use it to move forward quickly and with confidence.”
-Marie H.

“For me, it's been the community of women, which includes the awesome and inspiring Jadah Sellner… the in-person meetings, the virtual co-working sessions, the small group masterminds, the coaching calls. This digital CEO lifestyle can be isolating and I've been ever so grateful to be surrounded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.”
-Emily P.

“I've really enjoyed the in-person meetings. I feel they're key in creating connection and cohesion within the group. I also really liked the planning and time organizational tools, that has been lacking in my workflow, and has helped me transition from an unstructured business to a more structured one.”
-Colleen H.

“My favorite part has been the in-person days! I get SO much out of them and I feel like they always come at the right time to help me stay motivated. 🙂 I love connecting with the group at these in-person events, and also LOVE all of Jadah's strategy lessons (worksheets are so helpful) and feedback!”
-Elisabetta C.

“I love love love having a community of like-minded women who are focused on serving through business!! It's my favorite! I love the in-person meetings because it’s something I can look forward to every quarter. I love the connection, feedback, support, and sisterhood. I love Jadah Her kind, & wise spirit, her one of a kind insights.”
-Enrika G.

“In person days are número uno- also the ability to test and get feedback on ideas so quickly and the quality of the support in here” 💜
-Grace E.

Isolation is the second biggest downfall of growing a business

You need a community to expand your business (and life) the way it's being called to grow. If you’ve been wearing all of the hats, feeling like you might explode if you add one more thing to your to do list, and doubting your next move, then apply for Love Over Metrics™ to get the clarity you need with our Scale with Love Specialist. (I open up applications once a year, so if you feel the pull to apply, the time is now).

Here’s what to do next…

1) Step one: Apply here now! I can’t wait to hear about your dreams + vision. I personally read every single application.

2) Step two: Schedule a connection call – Hop on a quick call with my amazing right hand and Scale with Love Specialist, Michele, to get the inside scoop on Love Over Metrics and determine if it’s the next best step for you.

We’ll have a quick chat to help you get clear on how to scale your business.

Warm hugs,

P.S. To learn how Love Over Metrics works, click here.

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