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Power, liberation and love

I am so ready for winter break. I plan to unplug and get snuggly with my family for the holidays. Lots of S P A C E, downtime, dreaming and just being (no doing). How about you? Are you ready to wind down too?

Last week was my last big push project for the year. I co-facilitated a company offsite with a female founded company I consult with in San Francisco. It’s an all women, purpose-driven team of 11. I am so inspired, excited and thankful to do this work.

For two days in the California wine country, we…

  • Redefined the company’s purpose and mission
  • Clarified team roles and responsibilities
  • Mapped out a strategic plan for 2019
  • Communicated the team's individual strengths and superpowers
  • Identified personal purpose, desires, and positive impact they want to make in the world
  • Created new agreements (also known as company values) of the way they want to work
  • Acknowledged and appreciated each member on the team

There was dancing, laughter, tears and lots of celebrations. What I know more than ever is…

Women are embracing a feminine way of leading their companies

They're not throwing out the structure and the get sh*t done approach, but they're making sure they honor their bodies, intuition and creativity while building kicka$$ companies in a way that feels good.

Are you looking to create and lead with more joy?

If you want to fully own who you are and enjoy the process along the way, then episode 141 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

I get cozy with Elizabeth DiAlto, an Integrative Spiritual counselor, creator of Wild Soul Movement, an author, and the host of the popular Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto podcast.
We talk about doing business your way, reclaiming our power, how to lean into uncomfortable conversations imperfectly, and even stand-up comedy.

Power, Liberation and Love

“For me, power is really comprised of love, truth, courage, wisdom, trust, connection and compassion.”


Her greatest mission in this life is to help those who identify as women worldwide to reclaim and redefine their own womanhood, and contribute to a new paradigm of culture where it is both safe and natural for women to love, trust, and accept themselves fully.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • How she’s challenged a common definition of “power” and what the word really means to her
  • Why she isn’t interested in being a “guru” and how she has decided to lead others instead
  • How she guards her own time and the practices and rituals she’s put in place to do this
  • Her shift to deeper conversations and how she’s influencing others to take a stand too
  • Why sharing her voice now as a stand-up comic has been such a natural transition for Elizabeth and her big goals for her career

FIND full show notes here:

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Warm hugs,

P.S. Wanna dream, strategize and play in Kauai? In early 2019, I'll be hosting an intimate visionary planning retreat for high performing female founders.

This retreat will give you the time and space to think and dream. We'll focus on the big picture vision for your life and create a strategic plan for your business. If you’ve got a business that transforms people’s lives and you’re ready to scale it with heart, strategy and soulful alignment, apply here and my team will follow up with more information.

P.P.S. My Lead with Love™ Mentorship program is full through April 2019. If you'd like to work together in 2019, apply here and we'll add you to the waitlist and contact you once enrollment reopens.

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