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Expressing your voice as a leader with Pam Slim

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Are you ready to step into your next level of leadership? If you want an honest conversation about how to trust yourself as a leader, learn how to handle rejection, and serve your community authentically, this episode is for you.

In today’s conversation, I get cozy with Pamela Slim, the author of two best-selling books: Escape from Cubicle Nation – a movement designed for corporate employees who wanted to make the shift to entrepreneur, and Body of Work Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together – gives a fresh perspective on the skills required to thrive in the new world of work.

Pamela Slim is a small business coach who advises very large companies on how to understand and connect with small business owners today. Pam’s insight is drawn from her decades of coaching, as well as inside her small business learning laboratory on Main Street in Mesa, Arizona, where she talks every day with entrepreneurs from every walk of life, from side hustlers to companies in high scaling mode. She is frequently quoted as a business expert in press such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

“True leadership is acting on what it is that you know to be true.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • The perspective on leadership Pam gained from her time in the corporate world [6:47]
  • Why she considers leadership a choice [8:07]
  • How she uniquely signs off her coaching calls – and why she does this [9:57]
  • What motivated Pam to journey from her corporate job to entrepreneurship [12:07] and tips she has for others looking to make that leap (but might not quite be ready) [15:35]
  • The “underbelly” of entrepreneurship that nobody wants to talk about [19:41]
  • How Pam handles rejection and an example of a time when she had to do this [23:57]
  • What she has learned over the years of building communities [28:13] and how she is now practicing this in her local community [32:45]
  • Her takeaways from successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign and advice she would give to others looking to do the same [38:52]
  • The biggest challenges Pam has faced in opening a brick and mortar business and why it’s meant so much to her to do it [44:12]
  • Why we shouldn’t play small or hesitate to share our opinions [48:37]
  • The reason that true leadership isn’t easy [51:47]
  • The exciting things that are happening inside of the physical space that she has built [53:06]

Resources + links mentioned:

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» Books:

» The Main Street Learning Lab at K’é

» Small Business Learning Lab

» Connect with Pam on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

» The VIA Survey

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Key Quotes:

  • “I always tell my clients that my job is really to support and strengthen the leadership capacity that they have in their business.” [7:1]
  • “There’s something really just weird about saying that the only way you can be creative and free is by working for yourself.” [16:44]
  • “I never considered that I was actually going to end up being a writer. I’m as shocked as anybody else.” [25:08]
  • “It’s so amazing to be really connected to the community; to be part of a physical community.” [45:38]
  • “Of course we need to be active politically, as well as doing things to support local businesses.” [47:46]
  • “True leadership is acting on what it is that you know to be true.” [51:45]
  • “It’s much easier often to sell a solution, rather than to solve a problem.” [54:47]
  • “I know that all of us want to be better. It’s not from lack of wanting, but often we just don’t have the time to safely explore.” [57:49]

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