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Book Celebrations and ‘Confidence Cooties’ with My BFF

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In this episode of the Lead with Love Podcast, I’m celebrating my new book, She Builds, which is available on bookshelves and wherever you purchase books online. You can grab a copy at shebuilds.com. In this conversation, I get cozy with my BFF, Nikki Elledge Brown, who has been with me throughout the entire book-writing process.

Nikki Elledge Brown is a self-proclaimed word nerd, military spouse, former park ranger, college professor, and mom of three known online for her quirky-yet-super-practical teaching style and refreshingly honest reflections on the realities of parenthood and entrepreneurship. Nikki launched the Naptime Empires® podcast (soon to be book!) to help family-focused entrepreneurs feel less alone in the journey.

“I’m excited for the world to get to hear what you have to say, and it is just really fun and a beautiful thing to be able to have witnessed it in its forms.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • How it really feels for me now in this moment having my new book in my hands, and the ways in which this experience is so much different than with my previous book [16:01]
  • Why I’m especially excited to get the reaction of the men who read She Builds [10:00]
  • The big takeaways I’ve gotten during this launch process and what I decided to put my focus on right now as the book is released to the world [25:01]
  • Which ways of sharing the book are lighting me up the most at this time [16:35]
  • How I’ve been able to separate the book as a creative work from me as a person [34:05]
  • The ways that I learned to embrace the power of honoring my truth for what ultimately appeared in the final print [36:22]
  • A look at the audiobook recording process and what I did to manage my physical being and energy during this project [48:52]
  • The pivots that Nikki has made and how she’s come to embrace her pace [46:26]
  • Why I think that everyone needs a Nikki in their corner [52:51]

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Key Quotes:

  • “This [book] my life story, the tools and the strategies that I share with my clients, with my friends, and it’s really a time capsule of 14 years of entrepreneurship, so ‘excited’ is the big feeling that’s kind of overriding everything, and then I’m also feeling nervous, scared and anxious.” [Jadah, 16:29]
  • “It’s happening because this is what we’ve been talking about. This is the thing about having a book, you really get to know someone and it’s different than just binge-listening to a podcast or whatever, which is its own way to really get to know someone. When you’re following through a line cover-to-cover, it’s a different way, but that’s the point, right? That’s why you did it, and now it’s happening.” [Nikki, 20:38]
  • “The big takeaway for me is focusing on three to five core strategies, and then allowing the rest of your ideas to kind of build-up to the crescendo, to the launch day.” [Jadah, 25:00]
  • “I do want to write a memoir of some sort that is just my story, but still even in every book that we read and love, it’s [about] weaving in a very human, universal experience that we can relate to and to connect to in some way.” [Jadah, 35:36]
  • “It’s the value of having that thing that you can point to, that is going to just give you infinite inspiration and conversation points, and to be able to point people back to it.” [Nikki, 48:27]
  • “I’m excited for the world to get to hear what you have to say, and it is just really fun and a beautiful thing to be able to have witnessed it in its forms, until it got to this point.” [Nikki, 61:33]
  • “Everyone needs a Nikki in their corner, for the coaching, for the ‘confidence cooties’, for the compassion, non-judgmental listening and also [for] just being an advocate for authenticity of what is true for us in this moment.” [Jadah, 63:31]

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