You deserve to

love your life


Overwhelm to overjoy.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to have…

Two whole days with no distractions. No interruptions. No emails. No meetings. Nobody tugging at your sleeve or barging in and needing something every 17 minutes. And while being extra cozy-at-home. #NoBraRequired

Time and space to focus on your business. Not the day-to-day minutia that keeps you feeling “so busy,” but the high-level work. The important things you never quite get around to doing.

Time to sit with the big questions, like, “How can I grow my business to the next level, but without working harder and burning myself out?” “What is the bold, courageous vision that’s calling to me now?” “How can I simplify my life and have more room to breathe?”

Time to hang out with me, get coached, get clear, and step into a new way of doing business. She builds… differently. She builds… her way.

If you want all those things

This is for you.

It’s called the Vision Retreat.

It’s a virtual retreat with me and a small group of women. Founders. Builders. Leaders. Business owners. Women on a mission.

Come to this retreat. Walk away with a solid plan to increase your income and impact while simplifying your life. Less busyness. Less stress. Less overwhelm. So you have more space, grace and balance.

I’d love to help you shift from overwhelm to overjoy.

See you soon.

Warm hugs,

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