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Is it time to expand your support community?

This year, I’ve joined a new constellation of creative souls and conscious business women who live in the San Francisco Bay Area (because so many of my soul sisters have moved out of state).

Amy Ahlers, Jen Kem, Susan “SARK” Kennedy, Shiloh Sophia, and I have been meeting once a quarter to strategize our next business moves.

Last Friday, we gathered at Shiloh's art gallery in Sonoma, Musette Atelier, to support each other. We each got a dedicated 25-minutes to spotlight our businesses.

We talked about… personal brand integration with a new revenue stream, beta testing book frameworks with client case studies, book launch strategies, reorganizing teams, and women investing and stewarding land together.

These women are PHENOMENAL. Artists who build up the collective while building wealth.

In my new book, SHE BUILDS, I have a chapter called Gather Your Support Squad. I outline the many ways I deepen my friendships, brainstorm business ideas, and allow myself to be deeply held in all areas of life.

Here’s a breakdown of our schedule in case you feel inspired to gather your own Support Squad.

» 10:00am ARRIVE and settle with tea + coffee

» 11:15am LOVE Seat for Amy

» 11:45am LOVE Seat for me

» 12:15pm LOVE Seat for Jen

» 1:00pm LUNCH by Chef Jonathan McCloud

» 2:30pm LOVE Seat for Shiloh

» 3:00pm LOVE Seat for Susan

» 5:15pm DINNER at Eldorado Sonoma

Could you reach out to a few friends or business besties to schedule a day to support each other?

And if you're saying to yourself, “Jadah, I don’t have anyone to invite,” then join my VISION RETREAT happening online on September 29 & 30.

We’ll be dreaming, planning, and masterminding with brilliant women entrepreneurs who are seasoned business owners. You will find your people. It’s part of my magic.

Live events, courses, workshops, and retreats are where I’ve met so many of my business besties. If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out, joining a community of women live and in real-time is the perfect medicine to get unstuck.

Are you feeling called to join but can’t make the date work? If you know you really need this, but the timing just doesn’t work, email us and let us know. We’re planning to host more retreats (in-person and online), and I’ll use your input as to when we offer them.

Warm hugs,

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