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One of my biggest fears when I sold my company…

One of my biggest fears when I sold my half of Simple Green Smoothies in 2016 was that no one would invite me to speak on their stage or ask me to be a guest on their podcast.

Which dives into a deeper human fear that I believe can live deeply in all of us… that no one would want me or love me.

I felt if I was no longer a part of the business that opened so many doors and opportunities for me, I’d no longer be worthy to share my message and voice.

It’s wild how we can hook our identity and our worthiness into our businesses. From a company I grew to reach over one million people without any paid advertising, I allowed my self worth to be linked to the external numbers that so many people were in awe of.


You are NOT your business. Your worthiness does not equate to the amount of money you make.

No matter what business you build, you can walk away. And what you walk away with, whether you lost money, or lost followers, or lost your confidence, you can REBUILD.

You are a builder at heart. Remember that.

I am a community builder, dreamer, entrepreneur, spoken word poet, mother, wife.

I am resilient, creative, nurturing, loving, encouraging, present, alive.

Who are you? No matter what losses and unexpected changes happen on your journey, know that you bring the essence of who you are everywhere you go, because that cannot be stripped away.

So remember your biggest fear could be a story you’re making up that’s stopping you from making that next bold step in your life. Many unopened doors are waiting for you. Which is one of the things we talk about in today’s podcast episode. We talk about making the leap from one successful business to another and all of the fears and hesitations that come up in the messy middle.

Do you want to own a business that can run without you?

Whether you want to earn more to give more away, baby proof your business, or take your time back, this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with my dear friend and former client Adrienne Dorison where we talk about how to take back your time as a business leader and give back without sacrificing growth.

Run Your Business Like Clockwork

We want you to have a business that runs without you, so that it can create freedom for you.


Adrienne Dorison is the Co-Founder of Run Like Clockwork™ where she equips CEO's to design a business + team that can run itself, like clockwork. Based on the best-selling book, Clockwork, Adrienne's work has helped hundreds of business leaders increase their profit margins, empower their teams, and take an unplugged vacation.

Adrienne has spent the past 10+ years in the field of operational efficiency, and has since created the most simplistic approach to making your business ultra-efficient.

She's personally passionate about baking in generosity into business models, and she believes when we earn more money, we can give more away. Adrienne lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, their 2 dogs and soon-to-be baby.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • How to show tough love to clients and why Adrienne says that she doesn’t need her clients to necessarily like her at all times
  • What the radical one-year plan that got her out of debt looked like
  • How to leave corporate work to become a full-time entrepreneur and what Adrienne’s initial offers as a first time entrepreneur looked like
  • What to do when you feel unclear after building a successful business, and how to get the clarity to transition into a new business
  • What sparked Adrienne’s partnership with Mike Michalowicz and how the Run Like Clockwork business was born
  • How to clockwork a new business with a baby on the way

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