You deserve to

love your life


This has to change…

Here’s what I believe…


I speak on stages around the world. And many times I’m one of the few women, and usually the only person of color.

My father is African American. My mother is half Chinese and half Caucasian.

There is a strong pull to tell my story, to uplift others, and to bring more love into the world.

This is why I open my keynotes with spoken word poetry that I’ve written about my own personal stories. I love sharing business growth strategies, but it’s the soul of stories that connects and unites us as humans.

Using Our Voices for Good

Speaking at events gives me a platform to use my voice for good. I have the opportunity to connect with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people.

Many times, I am invited back to speak on those stages. I’ve built relationships with the event organizers.

I’d love some ideas on how to help diversify the lineup of colors, gender, ages, abilities represented on these stages. Please feel free to reply to this email or comment on Instagram where I started this conversation. Let’s come up with collaborative solutions with grace and without shaming.

One thing that I do now, I always ask the event organizer if they are looking for more speakers, and if they have a certain type of expertise they are trying to fill. Then I send a list of names of women of color who have the expertise and speaking chops to move the audience.

Proof of Possibility

I know how important it is to see someone who looks like you, has a similar background, or came from challenging circumstances just like you. Seeing yourself represented gives you that extra ounce of courage and hope that “if they can do it, I can do it too.”

Collectively we can brainstorm a new vision for our world.

Warm hugs,

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