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A new connection tip you can use right now (+ Pics from my trip)

I’m home after 2 weeks of summer travel. We visited Boston, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C.

The best part of my trip will surprise you and can be something you can start using right away to feel more energized, inspired and connected.

But first, let me tell you how the trip started.

I was invited to speak at TravelCon in Boston hosted by Nomadic Matt where Cheryl Strayed, The Blonde Abroad, Mark Manson and many other speakers from around the world, including my friends Clay Hebert and Jordan Harbinger shared the stage.

When I speak, I bring my family and extend my work travel into a vacation. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

For the first part of our trip, I’m in work + connection mode. I not only speak, but I love to learn from others too. I sit in sessions and take notes. I talk to attendees and share any business wisdom I can. I dine with new and old friends including some of my favorite people –– Sarah Jenks, Mariah Coz, and Angie Lee.

After Boston, my family and I flew to Puerto Rico where my good friends Steve Vannoy and Azul Terronez let us stay in their 2 bedroom oceanfront condo in Condado San Juan while they were in Portugal.

Isn't this beach beautiful?!

Filling our hearts and bellies

We ate mofongo, empanadillas, tres leches, platanos maduros, caldo gallego. I ate the best quesito at Kasalta at the exact same table president Barack Obama ate at.

We went down natural waterfall slides in El Yunque Forest. We walked through Old San Juan and saw the La Perla community where the music video Despacito was filmed. We snorkeled at Culebra Island and walked along the fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters of Flamenco Beach.

We had dinner in Palmas Del Mar with John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson, Selena Soo and Lana Schlafer, who also let us slumber party in her home with her family. We danced to live salsa music in the streets of La Placita and drank so many mojitos.

Then we flew to DC and had dinner at Busboys and Poets with our friend Nicole who actually did my makeup for my wedding in Maui 14 years ago (we just celebrated our anniversary last week!)

We watched the thunderstorms and lighting. We visited museums and memorials, including Martin Luther King Jr. We watched Spider Man Far From Home on IMAX to cool off and rest our feet.

The LOVE 2.0 Effect

Here’s my favorite part of our trip… it’s called Love 2.0. My husband taught me about it from the Love 2.0 book by Dr. Barbara L. Frederickson. It’s about creating micro-moments of positivity.

In over 20 Lyft + Uber rides, my husband would sit in the front seat of the car. We’d have that awkward silence where people usually move through their day without connecting with a stranger.

And then I’d see it every single time… my husband would break the silence. He’d make eye contact, and we’d dive into conversations with the drivers.

We’d learn about where they are from, their political views, their reason for driving. We met drivers born and raised in Puerto Rico or DC, as well as from Camaroon, Nigeria, Turkey.

We’d ask questions about what other countries surrounded their country. I’d tell them I have ancestors in West Africa. My husband would share he was born in the Philippines.

We’d learn that the Howard University radio station is the original Quiet Storm of R&B slow jams. We’d hear about upcoming family reunions being planned. We’d learn about someone attending college to study business and economics. We’d listen to dreams of moving to California.

In small micro moments of time, sometimes a quick 5 minute drive up to an hour,
we’d expand our world view and connect with people heart to heart.

That’s why I love this conversation with my Lead with Love guest today. We talk about delighting the people you connect with. You can even Love 2.0 someone in the way you share + sell in business.

How to Sell Well (& Actually Enjoy It)

Selling is a game. It can be a lot of fun if you choose to make it fun.


How to make selling fun!

If you want to create experiences for the people you serve where they remember you, then this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with my dear friend Matthew Kimberley where we talk about selling, speaking on stages, and creating a life and business based on what you value the most.

Matthew helps small business owners enjoy more fun, freedom flow. He's the creator of Professional Persuasion, Delightful Emails and the Single Malt Mastermind and spent half a decade as the head of the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training. He hosts the How To Get A Grip podcast and wrote a book of the same name.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • Matthew’s personal relationship with selling and how to actually enjoy cold calling
  • How he pivoted from being in a partnership to go all in on creating his own brand and projects
  • His tips for handling feedback and criticism from others on our creative work
  • Why Matthew is looking to create more space in his calendar, and the shifts he's doing to make this happen
  • The reasons many entrepreneurs resist email marketing and how his Delightful Emails course is solving this problem
  • One action step you can take today to start writing more delightful emails and why all your emails don’t have to be educational

FIND full show notes here:

Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music (or wherever you listen to podcasts). As you’re listening, take a screenshot, share your favorite takeaway and tag me on Instagram and Facebook with #leadwithlovepodcast.

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