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Living the unconventional life

Has this week felt a little slow to start with the long weekend? I had an awesome weekend filled with good food and dancing for a couple’s date night with friends, a fun family day at the water park, and watching the Warriors win the Western Finals. #StrengthInNumbers

But come Tuesday, my daughter woke up sick. And all my work plans had to change including canceling a podcast interview with Pam Slim. Although it sucks to cancel things, I’m thankful for the unconventional life I get to live that allows me flexibility to stay home with my daughter.

If you’ve ever found yourself pursuing the unconventional path in life, this week’s episode of Lead with Love is for you.

It was a total pinch me moment to have New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau on the show. His book The $100 Startup is one of my all time favorite books. It was one of the most instrumental books I used during my launch of Simple Green Smoothies and I still use those skills sets & strategies today in building my own unconventional business.

Chris is someone that I really look up to in terms of the books he’s written (a total of 5, holy guacamole!) and how he shows up in the world. Giving a keynote at his World Domination Summit Event was one of the most impactful moments for me on my own entrepreneurial journey.

Living the Unconventional Life

In episode 116 Chris shares how to build a community from scratch, what he does to stop comparing himself to others, the path to take if you want to speak at an event like World Domination Summit, balancing criticism and connection – and why not everything you write has to land with everyone.

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A Special Invitation…

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