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How to overcome your addiction to achievement

Yesterday, I celebrated my 35th birthday, and I have to share the sweetest poem my daughter wrote for me…

This year really feels like I’m growing up in all areas of my life… deep listening to my body, going deeper in my relationships, and more depth in my soul’s work. Instead of feeling like I’m running out of time, I feel the exact opposite. I’m truly excited about what I can create and contribute to the world in the next ten years!

If you’ve ever found yourself addicted to achieving and accomplishing more and more, and yet it never seems like it’s enough, this week’s episode of Lead with Love is for you.

I get cozy with my dear friend, Julie Santiago, the author of Awaken: 6 Sacred Steps to Remember Who You Are & Why You're Here. She is an inspirational speaker, the creator of The Gratitude Circle with over 40,000 members, and a spiritual catalyst for women who are longing to find something “more” in their lives.

How to Overcome Your Addiction to Achievement

Julie was a part of a business mastermind I led, and now we’re in a peer-led mastermind together. I can say being a part of a mastermind has been the #1 constant support system that’s been essential to my business growth.

If you’re looking to find clarity on the ideas worth implementing in your business and feel supported by a community of women encouraging you to reach your BIG DREAMS and goals, make sure you get on the priority waitlist for The Love Over Metrics Incubator at

In episode 115, Julie shares how the “addiction to achievement” can stop us from feeling worthy, along with some tips on how you can overcome it, her personal story of gratitude and how it led to the creation and growth of an online community of over 40,000 people (and the lessons she’s learned from building it), and why we need both masculine and feminine leadership to thrive.

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