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How to step into your next level in 2024

Something I've been noticing as we try to balance All. The. Things

We're struggling with mental burnout.

Our to-do lists are like a bottomless mimosa at brunch. Too many open tabs. Pulled in a million directions. Endless requests for our time. 

If we want to feel ALIVE + ALIGNED in 2024 we need the antidote to burnout. We need an Anti-Hustle Vision, so we can step into our next level with more confidence, calm, and clarity. 

I'm excited to announce the Anti-Hustle Vision Casting Workshop on Sept 8, 2023, at Create & Flow in the San Francisco Bay Area. This one-day, in-person experience is designed for Creative CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs like you!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your to-do list is never-ending, and distractions are draining your productivity.
  • You crave more space to breathe and create, but you fear it might hinder your business growth.
  • Indecision about your next steps keeps you up at night, affecting your business and well-being.
  • You're constantly firefighting, leaving no time to work “on” your business or set a clear vision.

If any of these resonate, it's time to up-level your vision the anti-hustle way! 

The first step to curing burnout is creating an upgraded vision that aligns with your ambition while still making room for your whole life.

I'll guide you through the process heart-to-heart, face-to-face, surrounded by like-minded women who truly understand you.

What you'll walk away with:

  • A 3-Year Vision for Your Home Life: Envision where you want to live, how you'll feel, and how you'll spend your time, then create a pathway to make it happen.
  • A Vision for Your Company: Review your big-picture vision, connect to your “why,” and define your desired outcomes.
  • A Plan for Your Wellness: Build a strategy to grow your creative venture without overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout.
  • A Vision for Your Relationships: Design your business and life to prioritize what truly matters.
  • A Vision for Your Contribution: Reflect on your personal and business wins and how you'll give back.

You'll leave the workshop with more clarity, joy, and your Anti-Hustle Vision! 

To make it an unforgettable experience, consider staying in an inspiring hotel, treating yourself to a massage, or relaxing in a hot tub. Take an extra day to process and decompress before diving back into your responsibilities.

Ready to transform your life and business? Join us on Friday, September 8! Learn more and sign up here. Get 50% off, and save $500! Use code VISION2023 (early bird registration ends August 16th).

If you have questions, email ––my team and I are happy to help.

Let's cure burnout and step into your next level together! 

Warm hugs,

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