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How to rebuild simply, and slowly

Writing my new book has reminded me of the nonlinear process of creativity. Everything takes longer than planned.

When I think I'm done, the finish line just moves further ahead. My to-do list is like a bottomless mimosa––it just keeps refilling. There’s always more to do.

Can you relate?

When you’re building with intention, it may mean you need to give yourself permission to build simply, and slowly. Sometimes it means stepping away. Sometimes it means slowing down. We talk all about what that really looks like with one of my best friends, Michelle Long, on the podcast today.

But first, I need to celebrate how good it feels to have She Builds in my hands. She has that “hot off the press” book pages smell.

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Self-Devotion: A Practice to Fully Live

If you’ve ever felt exhausted and felt a call to slow down and simplify your life and business, this episode is for you.

Michelle Long is the founder of The Practice® for Women, a business that supports women as they step more into their truth and claim the life they desire. Michelle has been a teacher of feminine spirituality, yoga, and women’s leadership since 2002

In this episode, we talk about listening to your inner truth, paying attention to your body’s signals, letting go of physical spaces (home and business), and building a sisterhood of support.

I also feature Michelle in chapter 2 of my book She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life which is available for preorder right now!

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

» How true friendship has changed Michelle and helped her grow in the journey of sisterhood and support

» The way she put love into practice with her business through a commitment to self-devotion

» What Michelle did to connect and reconnect with her inner voice, and the role that this plays for her in leading with love

» Why we often don’t we listen to the voice that is screaming at us to make changes in our lives

» Specific practices that Michelle put into place that really helped her in her multiple-year journey to start over and rebuild herself and her business

» How rebuilding simply, and slowly, was key

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