You deserve to

love your life


Building a business can be lonely.

You are not alone.

But building a business as a one woman show can feel lonely.

Even while you’re loving up on your tribe.

Even while you’re talking to someone for a podcast interview.

Even when you meet up with a friend for a skype coffee date.

I’ve been talking to some amazing women on the phone these last few weeks, and everyone is tired of hiding behind their computer screen all day.

If you want to build a world-changing business that fills your soul, the lone wolf, laptop lifestyle will not be enough.

You need more. You deserve more.

Connection is a core human need. We actually die on the inside without it.

When I did all I could possibly do on my own to build my business, I knew it was time to invest in a mentor to get to the next level. To connect to a bigger vision and step into a possibility for my business and life I hadn’t yet imagined or believed.

You’ve got traction, momentum, pride in your growing business.

But you know there’s more. More people to reach, more people to help, and more you need to be (not necessarily do) to get you to that next level in growth.

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

We hide out from our bigger dreams and ambitions because we’re afraid.

Afraid of…

Not being worthy of success.

Not making enough money.

Not being smart enough.

Not having enough time.

And that makes total sense, right? Stepping out to share your voice, your message is no joke. You have to put your ego, the risk of judgement, and the possibility of people not liking you on the line, every time you speak up.

Here’s the thing. Even if all of this is true. One simple solution could change all of that.


A tribe to lean on when ish gets rough.

As an entrepreneur there are really high highs, and really low lows.

You want people who are on the same path, who get you, and can catch you when you fall, and lift you even higher when it’s time to celebrate your big wins.

It takes guts. Courage. To want more and be more for yourself, for your family, for the world. But it all comes down to this…are you worth it? Can you be brave enough to bet on yourself? And then bet on yourself again and again?

Not just once, but for a lifetime.

Building a business is not a one-night stand. It’s a commitment.

Are you all in?

Or are you letting a price tag have a louder voice than your dream?

Even to this day, I still freak out when I invest in a coach, a retreat, a mastermind. I weigh the pros and cons. Talk myself into it and out of it all in the same sentence. Text my girlfriends back and forth, “should I or shouldn’t I?”

This was a for real text message from last night:

What's the right next step?

If you’re feeling called to apply for #LoveOverMetrics, I’m speaking to you. Chances are you’ve been searching for a like-hearted community of smart women in business who believe in your success as much as their own, who fight money gremlins, but put themselves out there anyway, who know they could be more focused and efficient with their time, but don’t let that stop them from taking imperfect action towards their dreams.

You have this internal battle going on including questions like,

1. There’s so many programs out there, is this the right one?

Let’s hop on a call and chat about it. Join the waitlist, fill out the application and we’ll schedule a call to talk. I pinky promise, I will never encourage you to join a program that’s not the right fit for you. If #LoveOverMetrics isn’t for you, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

2. Is this the right time to invest?

If you’ve hit a plateau, or you’re second guessing your next move, or you want to maintain the momentum and see where you can take this business, now’s the right time.

3. Can I even afford it?

Ask yourself this first: What will I do if I don't get the coaching and support I need (to take my business to the next level) and get my message out there in a bigger way? When you feel called to a program, you can flip the question and ask yourself, “How can I afford it?” versus, “Can I?” All the women I work with are world changers, possibility makers, dream chasers, and SUPER resourceful.

We can find many reasons to say no. There’s only one reason to say Yes.

Love Over Metrics™ is the business growth incubator that will take your business from overwhelm and isolation to growing your reach, your community, and your revenue streams.

You’ll feel more freedom, flow, and fun in your business. You’ll have new business BFF’s to talk about world changing ideas and authentic marketing + business strategies over mimosas (or Kombucha!) #CEOsisterhood

Timid business owners don't run a thriving, profitable, sustainable business. Brave ones do.

I believe you’re a brave one who is ready to show up and serve at the next level.

Courage isn’t the lack of fear; It’s action in the face of fear.

Now’s your time to take action. Apply here. I’m excited to get to know you, your business, and your dreams.

I look forward to connecting!

Warm hugs,

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