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Mastermind musings and why I’m addicted (plus applications are closing soon!)

I’ve had some pretty intense weeks of emotions (a mix of expansion + excitement with a dip of exhaustion). It’s what happens when you follow your soul’s work, share it with the world, and then slightly freak out when you press publish.

Have you experienced the entrepreneurial roller coaster of super high highs and super low lows?

Like, “I’m awesome!” “Wait, maybe I’m not.” “What’s the point?” “Wait, I am totally awesome!”

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. What personally grounds me in those moments of self-doubt and remembering to celebrate the wins is the support from my coaches and masterminds (oh yes, plural!)

The other night while my family was inside playing the piano, I sat on my balcony and started musing on why I love masterminding and the impact it’s had in my life over the past 6 years. I talk more about the benefit of masterminds (and my slight obsession with how many I’m a part of) in this video on my Facebook page.

The video was supposed to be a quick check in, but ended up being a passionate ode to the power of masterminds.

Here’s a few things I talk about in the video:

  • My personal experience with masterminds, including some that I’m a part of
  • Why you NEED a mastermind if you want to reach the next level of business
  • Some results women I’ve worked with have seen in their businesses

I’m obsessed with masterminds! When at least two super smart minds come together, there is a third greater mind. A mastermind guided by a leader, holds you in a safe container, to help you see your bigger vision, pull you out of your funk, and give you a different perspective to reach your goals faster. Mastermind + Mentor = Momentum + Magic

The emotional rollercoaster is inevitable on this journey. Riding it alone is scary and honestly sucks. I mean, who likes riding a rollercoaster alone?

Isolation is real as an entrepreneur. But it doesn’t have to be lonely. You can find your tribe and fast track your growth and momentum.

Masterminding creates a collective energy of action that fuels you when you need it the most.

Are you in a mastermind? Watch this video, and let me know over in the comments.

Warm hugs,

P.S. Applications to apply for Love Over Metrics close soon (it’s the only way to work with me in 2017), so apply now even if you’re just thinking about it. #TakeImperfectAction

P.P.S. Yesterday, I found out I’m going to be speaking at TEDx in the Dominican Republic this year! Pinch me please!

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