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3 years ago, I made one decision that changed everything…

I don’t write many posts like this so I ask that you read it all…because it’s personal, and I know what I’m about to share could create a whole mindset shift in the way you look at taking your business to the next level.

It’s really important actually. If this is meant for you, I don’t want you to miss out. FOMO is real.☺️

I won’t be sharing any ninja marketing tips and strategies in this email, but the one decision you make after reading this has the power to change your business and life.

Really, Jadah? Can you make one decision today that will totally change your entire business for the next 3 years? My whole hearted answer is yes because it happened to me.

Can one choice make a total 180 degree shift in the direction you grow your business? I did, and in that moment I had no idea what I was saying YES to, but I’m so glad I did. #connectthedots

Did you know just 3 years ago on May 21, 2014 (happens to be my birthday too!), I launched my personal brand website

I was at the peak of growth in my business as the Co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies. It was our second year in business and we had our first multiple six figure year. We had a rockin’ digital product, a fast-growing community of fans + happy customers, and an amazing team who helped us carry out a love-based marketing strategy that made selling feel like an act of service.

At that time while my business was booming, I received this email from a mentor (and now friend) whose paid business mastermind I attended just a few months earlier. The subject line read: would you be interested in keynoting in front of 3000 people?

My response:

What are you saying yes to?

This invitation to speak was an instant HECK YEAH!

I said yes to my first keynote ever for Chris Guillebeau's World Domination Summit.

I know this story may seem like it’s about me, but I promise if you keep reading, you’ll see that this is really all about YOU. 🙂

I asked if this speaking engagement was for my biz partner and I to talk about green smoothies. And the answer was this opportunity was about me speaking on the stage solo and sharing my story.

The grit, the guts, the glory.

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” –– Steve Jobs

Once I said, “yes”, there was an instant shift in the trajectory of my business and growth for the next three years. That one yes, created many more dots, that would lead to me selling my half of my Simple Green Smoothies business to my partner at the end of last year.

With that one yes, many more doors continued to open to this path of being a speaker, author, thought leader, and mentor to other business owners. Each opportunity that came, I knew it was the big ol’ U (ya know universe) saying, “this is where your heart is calling you, follow it.”

I said yes, spoke on that stage, shared my story, and that was the day my entire world changed. I was never the same again.

Can you relate? Are you fully owning your story, your calling, your path? Are you allowing people into your world to see that ‘spark’ in you, open doors for you, and become a dot on your path?

What are you ready to say YES to?

This definitely won’t speak to everyone, but I’m not called to serve everyone. I’m called to serve women who are…

…committed to the path unseen,
…committed to possibility in the midst of fear,
…committed to their greatest potential even when their confidence gets shaken.

The world changers, the rule breaking pioneers, the community builders at heart.

A woman who is a super ambitious, thought leader with a heart and mission to serve. She wants to bridge service and the impact she has in the world with real sustainable income. She enjoys her business and feels powerful and joyful, not over tasked, overworked and overwhelmed. She values her family and friends and being present and enjoying them is a priority in her life.

Is that you?

Do you have a HECK YEAH brewing in your belly?

If so, I want you in my world…to do business together…build tribes together…play and celebrate together…

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” –– African Proverb

Let’s join forces. And it starts with Love Over Metrics.

Are you ready to lead with love?

Love Over Metrics™ A Business Growth Incubator
for women with big ambitions (and even bigger hearts) ❤

Love Over Metrics™ is my signature year long business growth incubator and community where we you’ll get an overhead view, customized feedback on your business, and highly effective + authentic next level growth strategies to implement, so you can stop the overwhelm and tailspinning and start having a more spacious schedule to travel the world, be more present with your family, take better care of yourself, your health (and your sexy!), and even retire your husband.

How it all works (and what ya get)…

Duration: 12 Months, September 2017 – August 2018.

  • (4) Private “when you need ‘em” one-on-one support calls with Jadah that you can use anytime during our 12 months together (15 minutes each), so you have personal feedback on your most pressing roadblocks. Think of this as your life line in business.
  • 12-month group coaching program, so that you have the support of extraordinary like minded women to bounce ideas with who are committed to your success as well as their own.
  • 90-minute “office hours” call once a month with Jadah to get answers on what you need the most support with, so you can grow your business focusing on what you love, making money, and having fun.
  • 90-minute “implementation” work session calls once a month with Jadah, so you can take action on the most important revenue generating projects in your business with customized feedback and support while you work on your business, not in it.
  • Private virtual hangout to meet the small group of co-visionaries and dreamers before our first in-person workshop –– you’ll set intentions for your 12-month experience (and beyond!)
  • Quarterly Planning Workshops every 3 months in San Francisco with Jadah where you will experience total immersion into the beautiful location as well as hands on training to up-level your skills and walk away with a 12-month roadmap for your business goals each time we meet.
  • Training Videos of Jadah’s signature Dreaming & Planning Strategy Maps to help you reach your personal and professional goals with more focus and productivity (without the burnout or overwhelm).
  • A private online group for ongoing connection and support with smart women to celebrate wins, ask for feedback (like sales pages), share tools, resources, and referrals.
  • Accountability Mastermind Group, so you don’t fall behind. Verbally process your ideas, problems, and possibilities with instant feedback from people who get you, so you maintain momentum in your business throughout the year.
  • By application and invitation only, with up to 25 visionary founding members for 2017, so you know everyone in the group is hand-selected by Jadah and aligned with the Love Over Metrics values and mission.

During our time working together, you’ll…

… have more clarity and focus in your business and less overwhelm, so that you can double your monthly revenue,
… be present with your family without feeling distracted,
… focus on your self-care without the guilt, and
… feel more simplicity, freedom and ease in your business.

You’ll have new business BFF’s to talk about world changing ideas and authentic business strategies over mimosas (or Kombucha!) #CEOsisterhood

You’ll also get access to…

Build Your Challenge Online Course ($399 value) –– learn how to build an engaged community, increase your reach, and grow your tribe of dream customers with The 5-Step Build Your Challenge Process to create, promote and launch an online challenge, so you can grow your list, communicate with them authentically, and sell to them confidently.


If you’re being called to Love Over Metrics, fill out the application here, and we’ll have a quick chat to help you make the right next HECK YEAH in your business. I’m only accepting 25 women into this founding group. If it’s you, let’s get the ball rolling to secure your spot.

If you’re craving for a new way to do business, make the money that aligns with your bigger vision for your life and the world, and turn your dreams into a reality, it starts here.

Warm hugs,

P.S. I’m accepting applications for a business growth incubator, you can apply here.

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