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Are you hiding out when you want to be visible?

Are you hiding out?

If you’re anything like me you have a big vision and want to share your voice for good in the world. You know how important it is to be visible if you want to grow your business to the next level (being the world’s best kept secret is not a marketing strategy). But every time you think of sharing, a part of you talks yourself out of it.

You feel unseen, unheard, and your tribe misses out.

I get it. I’ve been there. I still get caught up there –– I talk more about it in this video here (you’ll see me in my jammies at 3pm in the afternoon with day old makeup on!)

The video I did was a challenge after a 3-hour impromptu mastermind on Zoom with my friends Phoebe and Nikki.

Last week, we were texting back and forth about business and life and in true Jadah style, I supported them in their informal hot seats. About 2 hours in, Nikki totally called me out. “What about you?” she asked.

Yeah…well I’ve been working on a 12-month program, Love Over Metrics™ A Business Growth Incubator for women with big ambitions (and even bigger hearts), and I know I need to show up and get the word out.

Showing up on social media with just me, myself and I, no 5 step action plan, no checklist of what I want to teach is HARD. I feel like I always have to be teaching something and adding value in a strategic way. I never want my work to be about me and make it “the Jadah show” –– It’s about being of service, helping others move their dreams and visions forward. I stand for a mission bigger than myself.

But the truth is, no matter how much we hide, a tribe needs a leader to activate the movement. You’ve got to stand up, speak up, rise up and be seen if you truly want to serve.

Do you hide too?

We tend to hide out, especially when we have something new to offer. No one wants to pour their heart and energy into a project and hear the sound of crickets where no one buys. Can you relate?

There are many different ways to hide. For me, it’s over polishing and over perfecting before sharing it with the world. I often find myself stuck in the “dreaming at the whiteboard stage” so that programs and timelines get pushed back and back.

So on this video, I talk about visibility and hibernating (aka hiding). My #CEOsisterhood challenged me to just show up and be present. So I did it! In the moment, not showered, overnight makeup, unpolished.

Watch the video here.

I’m putting it out there so we can hold one another accountable –– to be consistent, show up, and share all the pieces of ourselves (the unpolished versions included). That’s what being a holistic leader in business looks like. Sharing and leading with your heart.

We’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

Warm hugs,

P.S. Check out the FB live, 6 Ways Women Hide Their Voice and get my free journal prompt guide!

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