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6 ways I’m staying healthy, sexy & sane

I can't believe it's already spring!

This is a season of renewal and creative energy. It's the perfect time to spring clean areas in your life that need a little extra love and attention. For me that’s my health and vitality. All it takes for me is traveling and a couple of speaking gigs to get thrown off my routine.

Last month, I traveled to Cuba for a quick getaway with my hubby, the following weekend I lead a 3-day retreat for my Mentorship Lab™ group, and the weekend after that my, husband, daughter and I went on a 10-day trip to China! I found myself eating all the things, feeling low in energy and foggy in my mind with all the traveling I’ve been doing.

Today I want to share some resources, routines and practices I’ve recently added to my life that have really boosted my energy, focus and confidence. My hope is this will help you too!

“Building A Business That Compromises Your Health & Relationships Is Not Sustainable”

We all want to be healthy. But behind that intention has to be action. Consistent action. The intention part is easy, the consistent part, not so much. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you will experience burnout as you’re building your business.

So for Quarter 2, I’ve recommitted in 2017 to make my health a priority for my entire family. The difference this time? A full out plan with built in accountability to keep me on track.

Here’s a breakdown of my Q2 health plan that I shared with the amazing women in my Mentorship Lab to keep myself “sexy and sane” (as my dear friend and client Tamika Lewis would say!)

6 Ways I'm Keeping Myself Healthy, Sexy & Sane!

:: Acupuncture at Bloom Retreat to balance the yin and yang, and help with any hormonal imbalances. I love my weekly needle naps and custom made herbal tinctures to keep things moving.

:: Hired a nutritionist to make meal plans for everyone in my family. We found ourselves being short order cooks with all of the different food preferences in our house. Our nutritionist creates a custom meal plan where we’re making one family meal, but individualized variations for our food preferences and health goals (my husband is training for the Honolulu marathon, our daughter is a vegetarian, and I'm focusing on strength and energy). We’re working with her for 12 weeks, and she does Skype calls and weekly email check-ins for accountability.

:: Online shopping and grocery delivery with InstaCart. I make my grocery list for Whole Foods in the app and someone shops for me and delivers it to my doorstep. It’s the BEST! I made a shopping list of what I'd need when I got back from China, and “shopped” online as soon as I returned, so we had food in the house. We're super guilty of eating out A LOT, so this has really helped with this.

:: Weekly meal delivery with Green Chef. It delivers 3 healthy meals per week for dinner with step-by-step photo directions that we make at home. The tasty sauces are pre-made, the ingredients are pre-measured and sustainably sourced. We order the Paleo option, but they have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free too. We've been using for 9 months and love it. Click here to get 4 Green Chef meals for free if you haven’t tried it!

:: Signed up for a 12-week yoga series at Bloom Retreat. Instead of deciding when I feel like going to yoga, I do a series where I take the same class, at the same time, with the same group of women once a week. It's like a doctor's appointment, so it’s on my calendar.

:: Signed up for Orange Theory. It’s a mix of strength training, rowers, and treadmill. I was resistant to check this fitness studio out because of all the number tracking and heart rate monitor. But I actually really like it. The colors help me see when I could be increasing my effort, and when I can take my gas off the pedal. I love the music playlist. Lots of hip hop. I signed up for their unlimited membership, and I'm going 3-4 times per week.

Make It Fun & Social

When I went to my first Orange Theory class, I made friends with the other new girl and asked for her number for accountability. I had us both sign up for classes while we were in the studio, so it was already on our calendars and on the same day. And now we've been texting each other to say when we're going to class.

My biggest tip is make it fun and make it social. I'm personally influenced big time by social accountability, so adding a fitness friend into the mix really helps.

Warm hugs,

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