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My top 10 moments of 2016 + a POWERFUL question for you!

2016 was a BIG year for me.

It was a year of big decisions, deep trust and honoring my calling. Dreams evolve and expand. As we grow and stretch ourselves, so does the vision for our lives. So before you step into 2017 powerfully, make sure your 2016 gets the extra love and attention it needs.

I celebrated and reflected on my year TWICE. Once in Half Moon Bay with a small group of women I mastermind with, and then again in Lake Tahoe with my husband for a kid-free New Year’s weekend. We were very studious writing down all of our wins, goals and dreams amidst the fresh snow fall. Pure magic!

I believe in pausing and celebrating your wins (it’s how I start all of my calls with my clients I serve), so I’d like to share my favorite moments + wins of 2016 with you now.

Celebrating My Top 10 Moments in 2016!

1. Received SO much love for our book, Simple Green Smoothies – featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, Women’s World (I’m a cover girl!), Wall Street Journal, first national TV segment on CBS’s The Doctors, and our book was sold in bookstores around the world, including Target, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and a bestseller on Amazon!

2. Hosted my Mentorship Labtwice! This invitation-only program includes private coaching sessions with me and a business mastermind with who are committed to making a big impact in the world, already have a track record of making things happen in their business and lives, and are ready for support to achieve a next level dream that seems impossible right now. If you know a woman like this, would you let me know?

3. Spoke as a keynote speaker about How to Grow Your Tribe with a Challenge at Chris Ducker’s Tropical Think Tank in Cebu, Philippines – sharing the stage with amazing people like Hal Elrod, Lou Mongello, Nathan Chan, Sue B Zimmerman, Brian Clark (and brought my family too – check out our GoPro video of the trip!)

4. Went on a nourishing girls getaway in Tulum, Mexico with six friends to to have deep conversations about our businesses, our relationships, and our missions to change the world (Love my soul sisters, Nisha Moodley, Michelle Long, Liz Long, Kavita Patel, Sarah Jenks and Briana Borten).

5. Played in the summer sun! We threw our daughter a Cardboard Box Party at the park to celebrate her 9th Birthday; went to Santa Barbara for the 4th of July with a close group of friends to watch the fireworks with our kids on the beach; visited my mom, bonus dad and little brother in Kauai. #summermagic

6. Spoke about How to Build Your Tribe with Love in front of 1,500+ people at Giovanni Marisco’s Archangel Summit in Toronto, Canada –– sharing the stage with amazing speakers + authors like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Gretchen Rubin.

7. Launched a live beta workshop online for my Build Your Challenge course to help people grow their tribe in a fun + simple way. We have 100+ people sharing their message, nurturing their dream customers, and changing lives by hosting a unique challenge experience for their communities.

8. Featured in Jonathan Field’s newest book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science, and Practical Wisdom –– you’ll see my name + story in the Take A Green Day chapter… it's chapter 3! Really great book about filling your buckets. 🙂

9. Danced my heart out with an inspiring class taught by Mia Michaels, an Emmy Award winning choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance, after speaking at Kirsten Roberts RadFest Live event in New York City. My favorite quote from Mia that evening, “The magic is in the unknown.”

10. Unplugged for two weeks for a family vacation to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. It was such a gift to play, connect and explore the world as a family! Favorite memories: visiting our 4th Disneyland in the world (only 2 more to visit!), eating yakitori at Memory Lane, watching the Robot Cabaret in Shinjuku, and Geisha hunting in Gion with my friend and CEO bestie Jen Kem.

The Powerful Q to Close Out Your Year

After sharing my wins of 2016 with my mastermind group in Half Moon Bay, my dear friend and business soul sister, Amy Ahlers, asked this question: Who was the person you were being in order to create those wins?

My answer that I wrote down in my journal:

  • I was being a f*cking bada$$
  • I was taking care of myself
  • I was open to having courageous conversations.

Now it’s your turn!

Think about your wins last year and then ask yourself: Who was I being in order to create my wins in 2016? I believe this year for you (and me) is all about owning your brilliance and stepping out. Get your shine on, love! It’s your time to stand up, speak up, and serve. You’ve got this.

Warm hugs,

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