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love your life


🙈 I thought I was lazy because…

Since it's my book baby's birthday month, I'm in full celebration and appreciation of how far I've come. 

I remember when I told my lit agent I'd get my book proposal to him in 2018. He didn't receive it until November 2020. 😭 And then my book wasn't published until another two years after that!

Dreams take time. Not because you're lazy. But because of loss, grief, a pandemic, and all of life's responsibilities. 

Have you ever had a big dream and it always felt like you'd get to it someday? 

She Builds was written to help you cut through the resistance that inevitably comes up when we're doing something meaningful. This book exists so that you can create something beautiful without the overwhelm, without the burnout, and without the hustle.

Using my L.O.V.E. Framework: LEAD, OPTIMIZE, VISUALIZE, EXPAND, CEOs and founders all over the world are breaking free from hustle culture, getting clarity and prioritizing what matters most.

Here’s what some people are saying and sharing (how cute is this fur baby snuggled next to my book?!🐾

With my framework AND exercises to help you put the strategies into practice, readers are designing their lives and businesses for sustainability. It's time to…

STOP hustling
START leading with love

During my virtual Vision Workshop on November 30th – December 1st, we’ll be working on a few exercises from my book: Chapters 2, Simplify Your Life, 3 Architect Your Future Vision, and 8 Build Your Quarterly Plan.

If you’d like an opportunity to get my insight while going through the exercises, be sure to sign up. Use the code VISION2023 to get $700 off.

And if you haven’t done it yet, please take 5 minutes to write me an honest review on Amazon or Audible. It’s the best way to support an author. 

Warm hugs,

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